According to the city administration is Tübingen, nationwide, the first municipality that has decided to take this step: you want to introduce a tax on the sale of disposable packaging from shops, cafes and takeaways. A corresponding principle decision of the municipal Council adopted on Thursday.

it is Planned to develop in the coming months a proposal for a Statute on a local consumption tax. Shops, cafes and takeaways in Tübingen mugs to boxes to the packaging of food and drinks, pay, intended to be eaten on the go, so for example, pizza boxes, Noodle or coffee.

“In Tübingen, we tackle the problem at its root,” said mayor Boris Palmer (Green party), according to the memo. “By making the production of waste more expensive, we eliminate financial Disincentives. Non-returnable packaging may not be cheaper than reusable Deposit systems.” Alone in 2017, the cost for waste disposal have increased compared to the previous year in the public space of around 50,000 euros.


The EU decided on Wednesday to ban even kitchen utensils, straws, cotton swabs, and other disposable articles made of plastic. In force first Changes to occur in a good two years.


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