women who know what their work is worth, are the biggest nightmare of Patriarchy and of capitalism. The more of them there are, the more this nightmare becomes a permanent condition, from which no one can Wake up. At the moment, we are not yet so far. So, let’s say so. I would be so far. And very many others. But women are always pigs too often distracted by alleged wife, things like modesty and be Nice to.

This must not remain so, especially if is time for new resolutions. Not every working woman has the opportunity to negotiate their pay. But a lot of it, remain far below what would be.

Sometimes there are coincidences, by the women that their male colleagues have been made from the outset to be a different offer. Sometimes you never find it out.

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work Since I as a freelance writer, so for almost ten years, I talk with other authors about fees for texts, readings, panel discussions, TV appearances. It is partially fixed rates, but often, and then you have to negotiate, or we say: You do not need to, but should.

An observation: women without children often negotiate less persistent, so bad. For all sorts of reasons – time, because you don’t need to know the fees of the other, and thus the market value of their work was not well able to assess, at times, because you don’t want to argue forever about money or simply because you are glad, ever requested to be paid.

Once kids are there, to catch as many then, to call in the negotiations for new reasons: I need to take care of a family. This is understandable, but not good. Because no one needs to call in fee negotiations with external reasons and explain what she wants to do with the money. It is irrelevant to the Client whether you want to buy a children’s bed or a Sauna. It needs no external cause outside of their own needs, to be adequately paid.

“I’m already taken”

“women negotiate as persistent as men,” the Swiss Economist and Harvard Professor Iris Bohnet recently in the “NZZ”Interview said. “If you work for another Person, for example, as a lawyer for a client. In this case, a resolute Occurrence is accepted. But if women make for themselves claims, they are violating the established social roles.”

women, acting just according to their own needs and not the other people in the game, apply still fast as a strenuous, cold-hearted, or insane, not only when it comes to money. The most effective set of to annoying Turn on repel, is a hell of a way to still “I’m already taken”, that is to say, for the guy: “I’m already a different man.” This is much more effective than “I’m not in the mood for you”. Disgusting, but true.

In Germany, two-thirds of the income still go to men, women receive, on average, half as much pension as men. This is partly because men care not, on average, little to their offspring, and washing dishes, and partly because women work more often in Professions, without which any society would collapse completely, but they are paid as a so-called typical women’s occupations disproportionate. And the fact that you don’t take everything that goes on, explains Economist, Bohnet: “The wage gap between men and women Worries me. One reason is that women negotiate less for their wage.”

little Bit of hope: according to our Experience, it grows of its own perceived audacity. To negotiate the money is still complicated, if you live in a society, in the first, money and Power in each of the questions hanging and, secondly, financial often – and not coincidentally – are not taboo à la “talk about money”. But, if you want to get it. “Stay afraid, but do it anyway,” said Carrie Fisher. “What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

If , you will feel as a woman that it is better for other insured to act instead of just for yourself, then you do not need to bring their own children or anyone else in the game. It is sufficient to keep in mind that it is not statistically overpaid seen as a woman probably, and that carries you every single debate about fees for other women: every negotiation is a firecracker in the idea that women should settle for less and be grateful.

do you Plan to have children?

There are currently a few public cases in which women fight back against unequal pay legally. The Star-flutist Elizabeth Rowe sued the Boston Symphony Orchestra, because it has determined that the Oboist deserves to be next to her, about $ 60,000 more in a year, and with the naked Talk was not progressing. A ZDF-editor has complained that they earned less than their male colleagues. The lawsuit was first dismissed, is now an appeals process.

Equitable salaries for women’s negotiation strategy: Research, women get the most content and gender: In these Occupations the differences are particularly large Gender Pay Gap: More talk about money!

The author Antonia Baum wrote the other day about the subtle mechanisms, to say it in such cases, it is often difficult to make, whether it is actually on the sex, if women earn less. Sometimes the mechanisms, however, are not so subtle: “The lawyer, the editor spoke of a ‘deprivation’ culture ‘ toward women and argued the following evidence: The former editor-in-chief of ‘Frontal 21’ I declared on Christmas, celebrating that women have lost in the political journalism of nothing, he also asked a woman in a job interview, whether you plan to have children, and a conference room where three women sat, with the words ‘Here is the leave Yes no’.”

It is often a mystery, how this society will look like after the end of the Patriarchy. We don’t know it. We don’t know it, among other reasons, because we suspect probably not yet, how much energy will be free, if women no longer have to deal with such pitiful nonsense.

In this sense: Happy New year!

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.