the head of The UN environment programme (Unep), Erik Solheim, is its function. UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, had accepted the resignation, according to the United Nations. Solheim was due to his many travels in the criticism. He had been in 2016, chief of the environmental program.

The Guardian had reported in September that Solheim had spent, according to a UN internal audit draft in just 22 months, which is almost $ 500,000 (approximately 424.000 Euro) for airline tickets and hotel stays. To be 80 percent of his working time, he is also to be found at the headquarters of the UN environment programme (Unep) in Nairobi.

Solheims was to conduct a “reputational risk” for an organization that had written the fight against climate change on the flags, was quoted by the Guardian from the Report. In addition, the Unep came to the conclusion that Solheim had not adequately documented that all of the trips had actually been on duty. Sweden and Denmark had stopped its subsidies for the Unep.

The 63-Year-old justified by the fact that extensive travel was important to make the work of the Unep visible. “The report is full of errors,” said Solheim, the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. “It was a reaction to the fact that I was the leading Reformer in the UN. Many opposed the reforms, and contributed to, this report has been created.”

UN chief Guterres announced that Solheims Deputy Joyce Msuya from Tanzania will take over the Post temporarily until a new head of the UN environment programme, was found.

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