The globally-acclaimed escape from their homeland Saudi Arabia could lead to the young woman as a recognised refugee to Australia. The country is considering, according to the interior Ministry by Wednesday, the 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun humanitarian grounds, a visa to.

based on a recommendation of the UN-refugee Agency, UNHCR, in whose care the woman is now. For the UNHCR, al-Qunun now has officially the Status of a refugee, now she needs a country that will absorb you.

The Bangkok airport was allowed to leave now. On Thursday, the Australian foreign Minister Marise Payne is expected to hold talks in Thailand. In the past few days, the UNHCR had verified the particulars of the young woman.

Al-Qunun was escaped according to its own information, because it was negotiated in Saudi Arabia from male Relatives of miss. You took advantage of a visit with the family in Kuwait, to Thailand to sell. Target Australia. In Bangkok, they prevented the authorities at the weekend, however, on the next trip. In the meantime, you also threatened with deportation to their homeland.

With a campaign on the messaging service Twitter, it managed to draw attention to the case. In the meantime, your account to follow more than a hundred thousand people. The’affaires of the saudi Arabian Embassy in Bangkok, Abdullah al-Shuaibi, said in the meantime, to the case. He said: “You would have taken better phone than the passport.”

During the visit, the Australian foreign Minister also in the case of a footballer from Bahrain addressed, actually lives in Australia and since the end of November in Thailand. Under threat of deportation in his old home.


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