In Taiwan, to determine the authorities against an employee of BASF and five former Employees of the group. You should have tried to sell trade secrets to a competitor in China. The group had allegedly planned to sell information about a “critical technology and manufacturing processes,” said the office for criminal investigations (CIB).

The group had, however, been discovered before they can sell the most sensitive data you have, the AFP news Agency reported, citing the investigation familiar circles. The accused were planning to sell the data to the company Jiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Materials in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, of which they had already received 1.3 million dollars.

some months Ago, the BASF competitor, Lanxess was affected by the news Agency Reuters, according to industry espionage. The trail led, therefore, to China. Foreign companies in the people’s Republic of again and again, intellectual property theft and industrial espionage.

Five of the Suspects were arrested

In the current case, BASF Taiwan confirmed that against an employee because of the alleged infringement of intellectual property rights will be determined. There are immediate steps have been taken to support the work of the authorities and to protect the relevant information. The employee was on leave.

According to the news Agency Reuters, five of the Suspects were arrested, while a sixth had been set on bail. One of the Suspects a high-ranking Manager. He was suspected to have sensitive information to production and technology for a lot of money to a Chinese competitor passed.

BASF has made to the amount of possible damage. The group stated that he put on the protection of intellectual property and secure Knowledge for the construction of production facilities.


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