Children cross a street even though the traffic light shows red. A pensioner waiting for the law at the traffic light. A self-driving car is approaching, the failure of the brakes. Where should Dodge the car? What kind of life is worthy of protection? In front of these issues, the vehicles are not yet, but they will in the future.

Who will die? Pensioners or children?

How to people for an Autonomous car that is currently being examined by the morality Machine. The project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) study, participants in front of the different situations in which you need to decide who to run over a self-propelled vehicle.

So, for example, prior to the decision, whether the car is kept on the children that go through the Red road or on the pensioners, as well as all of the rules. Other examples of the participants prior to the decision, whether a doctor with a dog or a criminal with two children will be collected from the car. How the testers will decide depends on different factors.

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testers prefer young adults and Doctors

claims To have already been through several million people and over 40 million decisions to be made. The results show among other things that the testers have saved more women than men.

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in Addition, the age for many people plays a big role. Older people would be saved, therefore, less likely than children and young adults. Also the social Status of the most consider. So thieves were significantly more often sacrificed than Doctors.

The data collected could be passed on in the future is also a car manufacturer, to program Autonomous vehicles.

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