The forbidden Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK has been carried out between 2014 and 2017 to wrong on the EU terror list. The EU General court in Luxembourg said the underlying decisions of the EU member States due to Procedural error null and void. According to the court, the Council of member States is not justified in the necessary regulations and decisions sufficiently, why he leads the PKK on the list.

Concrete impact has not the judgment, however, because in 2018, a new decision on the terrorist list, which is not provided by the judgment in question. For the PKK, the 2002 entry on the terrorist list is relevant, because it had the consequence that accounts, and others in the EU’s existing asset freeze.

the EU is blamed of fight with weapons of violence, and attacks for a Kurdish state or an Autonomous region in the Southeast of Turkey. In the conflict with the Turkish government several tens of thousands of people have already been killed.

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