How it goes with the Brexit, no one knows – but the Broxit: Elmar Brok broke up with you. After almost 40 years in the European Parliament – and as senior of the 751 members – not the CDU-politician in may in the European elections, as he explained on Monday morning in a press release. Since 1973, he was in the European politics, explained Brok. “My wife, I’m in this year 48 years old, married, and the children have borne and bear it – 7 days a week,” said Brok. “Well, it’s supposed to be good.”

It is the extraordinary end to an extraordinary Brussels career. Since 1980, Brok is a member of the EU Parliament. He is considered to be one of the most powerful string-puller in the capital of Europe, used to CDU-Father, Helmut Kohl, a close relationship, has a good wire to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

In the EU Parliament he was for many years chief of the foreign Affairs Committee, he is currently a member of the Brexit control group. He is one of the few European politicians who are in the home known to a wider audience.

“I have to win”

And then the: In January, Brok loses a complete surprise to his place on the country list of the NRW-CDU for the European elections – to a certain Stefan Berger. Elmar Brok, the old part is sent of the province of politicians?

The political Veteran, not recognizable to appear as one of those who miss after many years in Power, the time of the jump. His withdrawal, stressed Brok, success voluntary. Because, in the final, the NRW-list, is tied for the European elections only to the national representative Assembly at the end of January. There Brok could have in the fight the vote. “And I had the secure feeling to win,” says the 72-Year-old in the MIRROR. “But now was time to pull the emergency brake.”

He had already played a year ago with the idea of a retreat. “But then I have not let myself from a lot of persuading to go in the Moment of crisis from the Board,” says Brok. In the last two weeks, he got to thinking once again – and on the birthday of his wife “made the decision that I would have had to have cases last year.”


Commission chief Juncker has referred to a European Parliament without Brok as not to imagine. However, not all grieve the Westphalia, which was also quite controversial. So Brok has chaired next to his House for many years, the Brussels office of the Bertelsmann group. The constitutional lawyer Hans Herbert von Arnim called the as an example of “legalized corruption”. Brok said that he separated both Offices “razor-sharp” from each other.

Also Brok’s Talent for temper outbursts in Brussels legend, not least among his many former assistants. “Who is going to throw now with keychain and shoes to trainees?”, tweeted about the satirist and MEP Martin Sonneborn on the “#Broxit”.

However, Brok has not, from politics to withdraw. “I’m going to leave now, no Beard and no long hair grow”, says Brok. He had just been newly elected to the boards of Directors of the Federal CDU and the European people’s party, and these Offices won’t give up. “I can take care of me now very much more focused than before in the Foreign and security policy and principle issues of the EU future, because I don’t have to go to each protect.”

And certainly he is not going to accrue “as a Lobbyist in Brussels”. He find it annoying how some Ex-politicians were of the economy, or even by governments with questionable human rights policies do. Brok: “sick.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.