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The speech of Theresa May had been anticipated. How could your Plan B for the Brexit, after Plan A – the one with the EU negotiated exit contract – last week was a failure in the London Parliament crashing down?

The answer was on Monday afternoon, quickly clear: The British Prime Minister has no Plan B. she wants to continue to sell your Plan A – just differently than in the past.

This is the danger of an unregulated exit of Britain from the EU has risen again. Because:

The chances of that May bring the exit agreement without substantial changes until the end of March through Parliament, are low. The EU declines, in turn, major Changes to the agreement strictly. To prevent the only Alternative, a No-Deal-Brexit, would, according to May, the withdrawal of the withdrawal application, what it has rejected, however, as a “betrayal of the Referendum”.

only Plan A: the exit of the Treaty, the British government, in two years of work with the EU has negotiated. So he gets a majority in the British house of Commons, there would be a dramatic change of mood is necessary. The content of new ideas but May not be presented in your speech.

Instead, they promised only that the Parliament in the future “flexible” in the negotiations with the EU, to integrate, to pay more attention to workers ‘ rights and environmental and to find the most important item – a solution in the Irish-Northern Irish border question , which is supported by both the EU as well as by the UK Parliament.

no other idea for the Ireland-Problem

: could look Like such a solution, knows no one. The exit agreement provided for an emergency plan, the whole of the UK remains in the EU customs Union, should be found no other way to prevent a new hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The British government wants to limit these so-called Backstop, and the EU refuses, however, because he would lose his function as a reinsurance.

On Monday Poland’s foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz a stir when he proposed a limitation of the Backstops to five years ‘ imprisonment. Shortly afterwards, May said she was looking forward to discuss the Polish proposal with the EU. “A transparent game,” said an EU Diplomat. According to fast the rest of the EU granted cross-shot from Warsaw, there is a cancellation.

“That was probably an attempt to be helpful,” said Ireland’s foreign Minister Simon Coveney in Brussels on the sidelines of a meeting with his EU counterparts. “But a catch-all solution with a time limit no catch-all solution.” Besides, Warsaw did not lead the Brexit negotiations.

Similar to Federal expressed to foreign Minister Heiko Maas . What relates to the Polish proposal, “I’m all in with my Irish colleagues,” said the SPD politician. “And he has already said what he thinks of it – namely, nothing.”

It was not on Monday, the only attempt to conduct the negotiations in Brussels over. May also announced to hold direct talks with the Irish government on the border issue. In British media, the talk was of London and Dublin could conclude a bilateral agreement on the border.

Brexit to five years to move?

it was “total nonsense”, said Luxembourg foreign Minister Jean Asselborn of the MIRROR. For the EU, Michel Barnier, no one else negotiate. Also his German colleague, Mr Maas showed themselves skeptical. It is indeed “self-evident” that the UK will lead with Ireland talks. “But that doesn’t solve our Problem,” said the foreign Minister. “The British have to say what you want, and you can’t clarify with the Irish.” The you would have to discuss with the entire EU “and for us, the Commission negotiated”.

May announced in Parliament, with the EU again on the Ireland-fallback negotiate. But still hard: The withdrawal of the Treaty by the lower house last week rejected, RTE, “the best possible Deal” , said EU chief negotiator Barnier, the Irish channel. A spokesman for Council President Donald Tusk stressed again that the EU is not going to undo the agreement.

With “marginal adjustments” but the Treaty will hardly get through the British Parliament, said Spain’s foreign Minister Josep Borrell. Not a few in Brussels and London believe, therefore, that the British need more time , in order to be clear about what you want.

The Problem: Of 23. to 26. May is the European elections – and the UK should not participate, it would have to leave at the latest by the end of June, the EU, as at 2. July, the newly-elected Parliament meets for the first time together.

This had probably also spoke of the Spaniard Borrell in mind, when he allegedly circulating “speculation”. According to them, you could move the Brexit “for a long time of five years”. Five years – for so long a term of the EU Parliament will take a random. Practical: The Problem with the Brexit would then be postponed until the European election in 2024.

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