Should be in the UK at the time of the European elections in may, a member of the European Union, would participate in the elections seem to be inevitable. This was the result of a legal opinion of the European Parliament, which is the MIRROR.

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“Should be the United Kingdom in the time of the European elections, a member of the EU, it would have a duty to hold elections, in order to determine, before the establishment of the Parliament’s deputies”, – stated in it. Everything else was in breach of European law, the Parliament’s lawyers. Lawsuits could be the result.

This Problem could be, if the UK before the planned exit date on the 29. March an extension of the deadline requested in accordance with article 50 of the EU Treaty, for example, because laws for the implementation of the Brexit-the exit agreements are still not ready.

European Council President Donald Tusk had made such an approach the British in response to the vote in the lower house on Tuesday explicitly in view. Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz showed himself open to it. “A Postponement of the withdrawal by a few months is not the solution to the puzzle, but it would be better than a disorderly exit,” he said to the MIRROR.

the opinion of the Parliament, lawyers, dates from the end of 2017 and was used for the preparation of the decision concerning the adjustment of the seat numbers in the European Parliament for the period after the Brexit. Also, this decision already contains a default clause for the case that the Brexit is not on 29. March is consummated. In the case of a shift, the new composition of the European Parliament would occur only after the final departure of the British in force.

Will only be moved the election of the Commission President?

Danuta Hübner, the chair of the Committee on constitutional Affairs in the European Parliament, stressed recently in a meeting of the panel on 22. January that the UK was in breach of the contracts, if at the time of the European elections in may, although more member, but its citizens could not choose. This constitutes a breach of contract, against the could be dealt with by infringement proceedings or action before the European court of justice, the Committee head.

Leading members of the European Parliament want to avoid this. A participation of great Britain in the European elections is pointless, is it, especially if the Brexit should only be a few months delayed. Relatively unproblematic, a shift of the exit date until the end of June. At the beginning of July to constitute the new Parliament.

information is Discussed according to the MIRROR, however, to move the actually at the beginning of July, provided for the election of the new President of the Commission in September. This would have a more important month for the British. Alternatively, it is said, the final tip could determine the British for a certain period of time a parliamentarian without election and to Brussels. Role models there is for example, after the reunification of Germany or to the EU-accession of Austria.

“We have no interest in the European elections, once again, to compete,” said Ashley Fox, leader of the Tory MEPs in the European Parliament in the MIRROR. Fox has fought in a Referendum for remaining in the EU but now he says: “That would be a fraud on the Brexit vote.”

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