The time of changeover, at the earliest, abolished in the year 2021 – and not, as expected, in 2019. The reason for this is that the EU States want more time forward, reported several media, citing a EU paper. Next Monday, the Minister of transport, the EU would have to meet-States is actually a decision, the vote of the case now, however.

Already at the end of October, the Austrian Minister of transport Norbert Hofer had said that most of the countries in the Union’s reservations concerning the time plan, in which the time switch must be abolished. The EU Commission had originally proposed that the clocks in Europe for the last Time in March of next year in the summer time. Instead, they are now for the last Time on 21. March 2021 will be converted.

The EU Commission had proposed to abolish daylight savings time, after an online survey, more than 80 percent of the participants had voted. Of 4.6 million answers about 3 million came from Germany.

EU member States and the European Parliament a majority would have to agree to the proposals of the EU Commission are implemented.

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