FDP-Chef Christian Lindner has accused the Federal government of doing too little against a disorderly Brexit. On Sunday, he called on the European Congress of the FDP in Berlin in addition, a “reform impulse” from Germany for the European Union (EU).

The impending departure of Britain from the EU, Lindner said: “I predict that We will regret the departure of the United Kingdom in the next decades painfully.” Similarly, you’ll regret it, “that we may not have done in the past enough to prevent Brexit.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), and “German politicians” – at this point, the FDP leader is not concrete – are often traveled to Athens, to a departure of Greece from the Euro, avert, said Lindner. In comparison, German politicians had been but seldom in London, “to prevent the United Kingdom leaves the European Union”. “The a was right – Greece,” says Lindner, “and the other was a failure – the United Kingdom.”

Lindner pointed out that there is in the UK, currently, no Option a majority. In this Situation, Germany would need to seek the conversation with London.

“populists of the right and the left”

For the European elections in may, said the FDP leader, the European project stand in front of a “test”. With a view to the strengthening of the populists, he said: “In Europe, also in our country, there are forces that want to back in columns of companies.” The ballot at the end of may should be no “Protest vote”, but must be a “design choice”.

The FDP wants to elect on Sunday in Berlin, its General Secretary Nicola Beer to the top candidate and the programme for the European elections, to advise and adopt.

In the draft of the program it says: “The European Union breathes the spirit of the joint burst in a better future.” Their structures were “confusing, often too bureaucratic”. A lot of people were disappointed, “if Europe is not to lose the small-Small”. All of that make Europe vulnerable to his enemies: “the populists of the right and the left”.

A European Convention should be convened “no later than 2022” in order to pave the way to a common Constitution. “The European Union must rethink its structures from the ground up”, more calls for the FDP in their slogan. “Because not everything has to be decided in Brussels.”


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