A student exchange is an educational experience: foreign language, new classmates, unfamiliar surroundings. So far, high school students were, however, mainly this experience, says Nicola Beer, the top candidate of the FDP for the European elections at the end of may.

according to the will of their party should be able to go in the future, all of the students for at least six months in another EU state in the school, regardless of type of school and income of the parents. So it is in a draft of the FDP in the European elections programme, the Federal Executive Board recently approved.

“We want to reach the broad mass of pupils, in primary and secondary schools, and vocational schools,” said Beer, the news Agency dpa. Move “time in a completely different environment, the local culture, to taste, to smell, to touch, a voice to take a shower. This contributes to awareness-raising.”

Financial support for the exchange to come to the FDP-design of the EU budget. “We want more money for programmes, such as Erasmus+ and the student to expand,” said Beer. “All we want in the EU budget, Yes to shift in the direction of education and Innovation.” The party wants to reduce the size of the agricultural budget and the subsidies for farmers to save.

Erasmus+ is a programme for the promotion of General and vocational education within the European Union. By 2020, 14.7 billion euros available to enable EU citizens to study abroad, train, gain work experience or volunteer work.

so Far, the FDP was noticed rather EU-critical tones. The nomination of the 48-year-old lawyer Beer as a top candidate for the European elections is the attempt of the party not to miss a Europe-friendly Image. Beer in 2013 as General Secretary of the FDP, and was previously Minister of culture and education, and from 2009 to 2012, Europe-the state Secretary in Hesse. As their policy priorities, they announced, among other things, education, Europe, and digitization. The FDP aims for the European elections, in cooperation with the party of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, En Marche,.

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to ease the way to other European countries, wants to facilitate the FDP also the recognition there is completion of the learning content. Although financial statements would be recognized, “but for parents, there are large uncertainties when it comes to the recognition of learning performance of their children in other EU countries, if you go during school time, or even in the middle of the school year,” says Beer. For this purpose, the FDP proposes the comparative values, which facilitate recognition.

Of this “educational movement” will in future also benefit trainees by foreign stations to be recognized in the context of vocational training in Germany. In addition, a European training Agency should provide free places in other States. Study abroad should be according to the FDP election program by a “European e-recruitment portal”.

at the same time, FDP makes up for a promotion of language skills from nursery to old age. “We are campaigning to ensure that EU countries attach more importance to the fact that each child learns two foreign languages,” said Beer. “We in Germany are on a good path. Many schools offer this.” In addition to English, this should be according to the wishes of their party, the language of a neighbouring country.


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