Nicola Beer want to ask right at the beginning of your Application to be clear. It is a matter of press articles in the last few days, is said to have been “in the right corner,” said the FDP politician.

The delegates did not know in the exhibition hall in Berlin-Kreuzberg what it was about, even if the FDP’s General Secretary, mentioned the name of the medium. In the MIRROR, it had been reported earlier in the week about your relations to Hungary, it was about contacts with her husband to the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Beer took advantage of the performance in front of over 600 delegates for a maximum distancing. You spot the “unequivocally clear” that they “have no sympathy” for Orbán, “no sympathy for his ideas of a illiberal democracy,” and “has no ties or relations to his party.” Similarly, you had admitted last week in front of media. Here it wanted to emphasise this.

When choosing the top candidate, there was finally no Surprise. Beer was around 86 per cent of the votes cast, which was above the result that was obtained last in 2017 as FDP General Secretary with around 79 percent. In Berlin, it was clear: Nothing the party fears among party chief Christian Lindner as much as a return to old times, when the party tore through voices of internal critics in the abyss. Was punished, therefore, on Sunday, the Bavarian FDP-MEP Nadja Hirsch, the Beer in the MIRROR is kept indirectly influence before a vote in the European Parliament Hungary. The many opinions in the party of Evil, even if the contacts of Beers husband be seen after Hungary internally, may well be critical.

Nadja Hirsch

The 40-year-old Nadja Hirsch – in the own country of the Association of contentious – I tried to get on the list in 2nd place, but received the ballot, only about 21 percent of the votes cast, while Svenja Hahn of the young liberals set themselves against you with around 73 per cent. The deer had noted in her candidate’s speech to the fact that you have to fight to get the head of the ALDE group in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, “against Orban and his illiberal democracy,” and had added, “liberal compass” was “intact,” even if he would get the “one Time or another to the detriment”. So it happened. Hirsch later tried to run for place 6, but lost considerably against the Hessian of the candidate Thorsten Dear. After that, she gave up and shed in place, some tears, as a FDP delegates tried to comfort her.

Beer sees Europe at a crossroads

The 49-year-old top candidate Beer is now the FDP in the elections. In her speech, the lawyer referred to himself as “the Mediterranean of the old caliber, but battle and build”. Under the murmur of the delegates, she called – ironically – six reasons for their candidacy, and listed the names of her two children and the four “prey for the children” (O-Ton Beer), have introduced her husband in the marriage. Europe, so Beer and then in the more serious part of your speech, stand at a “crossroads”, it should not be allowed, if in the EU countries, the freedom of the press, attack threatened, and corruption.

The FDP, which came out five years ago in the European elections to 3.4 percent, hoping this time to a tripling of their share in the ALDE group. The FDP relies on a program that combines classic liberal subjects, with emphasis of the Lindner Era. The party calls for an “educational movement” to apply in the student exchange, in professional education, in the study or in the voluntary service, the demand for “Digital freedom zones” in which there is a separate tax and a uniform Europe-wide regulations.

in addition to the protection of citizens ‘ rights, a common policy on asylum, refugee and immigration policy, a European border guard authority, the FDP wants to in the future, automatic excessive deficit procedure for breaches of the Euro-the Maastricht criteria. Security is politically calls for the construction of a European army under common command and parliamentary control, in climate policy for “openness to Technology” and a CO-2-emission trading to be extended to mobility and heat. And, not least, the FDP wants a new European Constitution, in a common European referendum.

Lindner warns of a national protest for choice

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, the face of the liberals, held back this time. At the beginning of the party rally, he “failures” of Brexit policy, criticized, accused the Chancellor of inaction. He attacked the AfD, which wants to eliminate the European Parliament and, therefore, the choice is actually “not” to compete. The Greens, he said, their plans for the mutualisation of risk and Finance is no way to “prosperity” in Europe, but in the “depletion”.

Lindner hopes that the success story since returning to the Bundestag to the European format. The ballot in may, Lindner, should not be a “national derived Protest vote”, but must be a “design choice for the European project”.

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