The Polish government can not implement the renovation of the Supreme court in Poland as planned. The European court of justice (ECJ), contributed to Poland again, the forced retirement of judges to immediately suspend.

The top EU court confirmed on Monday in Luxembourg, an emergency session of its Vice-President from mid-October.

In Poland since April, a new law to the Supreme court. As a result, the retirement age of judges was lowered there to 65 years. Critics of the national conservative government in Warsaw, to want to be so critical of the government judges of the crowding out. The EU-Commission had submitted because of the controversial judicial reform, action against Poland.

Only after the first decision of the ECJ had been a member of the Polish government in mid-November. But he now came again to the conclusion that the EU Commission applied for interim measures is justified.

Poland’s government has since responded to the original arrangement from Luxembourg and the controversial forced retirement was repealed. The affected lawyers were, according to the ECJ-decision of 19. October returned to work.

the project of the Polish government comes to a controversial law, with the Poland’s ruling party law and justice (PiS), the retirement age of Supreme judges from 70 to 65 years had reduced. 20 lawyers should be sent into retirement. Critics complained that the PiS get rid of so unpopular judge. The EU Commission saw the independence of the Polish judiciary is threatened.


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