The AfD has other EU-critical candidates for the European elections in may 2019. In the case of a delegates ‘ meeting in Magdeburg the participants on one point all agreed that The EU would be a “bureaucracy monster”, the nonsensical nitrogen oxide limits and the sovereignty of Germany’s crop. The Pegida activist Christine Anderson from the state of Hessen, which ran successfully for eighth place on the list, called as your goal, “Germany out of this EU nightmare out”.

Up to Monday evening, the AfD is trying to fill 40 seats. Should not be chosen at the end of the European election meeting, all candidates, could complete the list at a Congress of the party in Riesa in January, it said in Magdeburg. At the beginning of next year, the party will also decide your choice of program. The European elections will take place from 23. to 26. In may, in Germany, voters on Sunday, 26 may. May your vote.

The first two days of the AfD-election meeting in Magdeburg were dominated by Talk, in which the candidate criticized the German and European migration policy. Many of the Applicants are called for a Dismantling of the European institutions. As a counter proposal to a “Eurocracy” recruited the speakers for a “Europe of Nations”. As allies, they see parties as to the rights of the Italian Northern League and the national conservative Polish PiS.

hope to 30 per cent in Sachsen

party leader Jörg Meuthen leads the AfD in the European Parliament election; he was elected on Friday to the top candidate. Meuthen said: “About 15 percent nationwide is a good result. My ambition goes much further.” The AfD-politician Maximilian Krah said he hoped in his native Saxony, even to at least 30 percent. This would have nationwide impact: “Let us be your ice breaker so that we have anywhere in Germany-Saxon relations.”

Internally, it is expected that the party could win in the European elections, about 20 mandates. In 2014, she won seven seats – as a result of the cleavage and further leadership of the party fights, but remained only a mandate of the AfD, holding Meuthen.

group leader Alice ryegrass, which is due to large donations from abroad to your circle of Association in the criticism, did not take part in the Congress. A small demonstration of AfD opponents moved without incident through Magdeburg. Participants of the protest action were carrying placards with Slogans such as “No place for Nazis”.

Baden-Württemberg three dozen members declared their withdrawal from the AfD’s youth organisation Junge Alternative. They justified this in writing with a “radicalization process,” the have gained in the past weeks. The Young Alternative in the southwest is observed for several days, from the protection of the Constitution.

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