The left party, the call for a restart of the EU in the European elections of 2019. “The Left, in order to change Europe,” said party Chairman Bernd Riexinger in the presentation of the draft European election program. In the paper, the Left criticized the EU’s focus. In their contracts, neoliberalism and profit are enrolled in strive, for example in the introduction. Criticism is not rich but stressed Riexinger. The Left but to hope for a better Europe.

Specifically, the left party calls in your choice of program design, for example, a minimum tax for large corporations and millionaires. Digital companies such as Apple, Facebook or Google should in the future pay like other companies, is 23, and not, as previously, ten per cent tax.

the left party wants to oblige all EU-countries, minimum wages introduce. This should amount to 60 percent of the national average fees, in Germany at least 12 Euro per hour. From an unemployment rate of five percent, the member States should be required to provide a public employment program. A European social Fund should support in the event of a crisis, the Social and unemployment insurance in a country.

climate protection is also a left-hand theme

The left party had just won among young urban residents. It therefore places a special emphasis on climate protection. This topic would not be left to the Green, said Riexinger. In the choice program, the call for a Europe place, for example, wide Coal phase-out by 2035, an Expansion of public transport in the inner cities, and a social-ecological EU public procurement law. Only companies that comply with certain Standards, to get orders from the EU.

The creation of a European army, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, recently had a very, reject the Left. Reinforcement of the European border protection Agency Frontex do you want to prevent. Instead, a European search and rescue program should be established. “With each of the drowned refugees Europe is losing its soul,” said party leader Katja Kipping in the presentation of the programme. To facilitate the distribution of refugees in the whole of Europe, should local authorities, for the reception of asylum seekers are prepared for each investment Included will receive a lump sum for education, housing and infrastructure.

The Left wants to use also for a democratisation of the EU institutions. The Parliament must get the legislative right of initiative, said Kipping. The party leader expressed disappointment that it had not managed to win the previous Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, to stand as a candidate on the European list to the Left. Varoufakis wants to compete with his own party in Germany.

Great expectations

In the past, the Left had not cut off for the European elections is often somewhat worse than in national elections, because their classic strata of voters interested more for Europe. The party leadership hopes that this could be due to the changes in the voters ‘ potential different this time. Especially the young, urban voters have great expectations for a different Europe, said Riexinger. That’s why you go with a lot of optimism in the European election campaign.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.