The European Greens draw with the German Ska Keller and the Dutch Bas Eickhout at the top in the European election campaign. A year and a half before the election of the European Parliament in may 2019, a party Congress on Saturday in Berlin chose the two MEPs as a Duo.

Ska Keller was elected two weeks previously at number one in the Europe, list of the German Greens. Together with the MEPs, Sven Giegold, the German Duo of the Greens for the European elections. Ska Keller sits since 2009, in the Strasbourg Parliament since 2016, the Head of the group of the Greens. She grew up in Guben, a town in Brandenburg, on the Polish border, and declared their candidacy with their origin: “to Me, this Europe lies on the heart.”

“Now it’s time to go outside,” said Keller. Right-wing parties attacked the Ideals for which the Green stands. It is necessary to defend democracy and the rule of law. Their party in the European elections is a great responsibility, because Europe be required of right forces, which sought a return to nationalism.

Bas Eickhout said that “a green movement, a green wave” across Europe. He is a member of the Dutch party GroenLinks. Eickhout called for a Europe that advocate against climate change. For too long, multinational corporations, Europe would have had a handle on, and Profit and growth above all else. It was also gone at the expense of a social Europe, Eickhout.

In the 2014 European elections had brought the Greens 6.7 per cent of the votes. The strongest force, the EPP, the CDU and the CSU was at the time. The EPP should be the strongest faction, the German Manfred Weber (CSU), good opportunities at the office of the President of the European Commission. The Greens want to prevent that, for example, by an Alliance with the European liberals and the social Democrats in the EU Parliament.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.