the leading candidate of The European people’s party (EPP) for the European elections in may, Manfred Weber, has described the AfD as the “German Brexit-party”. “With the AfD, we would also get in Germany-British relations”, – said the Deputy CSU Chairman of the “image”-newspaper, and warned of a rise of the right-wing populist party.

The AfD had decided on Sunday at a meeting in the Saxon town of Riesa your program for the European elections. In it, she does not consider Germany’s exit from the EU inevitable, and if the European Union is “changed in a reasonable period of time” in a radical way. In the slogan of the “Dexit was provided” as a possibility already after one term. After a warning by their Chairman Alexander Gauland, the party saw, however, of an Ultimatum, and decided on a softer formulation.

The impending withdrawal of Britain Weber referred to in the newspaper interview as a “tragedy” and added: “such A standoff, such a self-induced mess I have experienced in my political career. If you want to know what happens, if one follows the populists and nationalists who finds the answer to the Brexit.”

The British Parliament is set to vote on Tuesday in a historic vote in the Brexit-agreement, the Prime Minister, Theresa May with the EU has negotiated. A rejection is considered very likely. In the case of an unregulated EU threatens to exit.


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