Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley is the top candidate of the German social Democrats for the European elections. She was elected on Sunday to the SPD’s Europe conference of delegates in Berlin, with 192 of 194 votes at number one on the list of candidates – 99,0%. Barley called for in your application, talk to a fight for Europe.

Barley highlighted the crucial importance of the election next may. “It’s about us, it’s about the SPD, it comes to the future of Europe,” said Barley on Sunday in her candidate’s speech at the Europe conference of delegates of the German social Democrats in Berlin. Given the rise of right-wing populists in many EU member States it is essential damage by the European Union.

“We are at a crossroads,” said Barley, with a view to rule of law problems in Poland and Hungary, but also on the forthcoming Brexit. The EU is the guarantor for peace in Europe, “we must not put at risk”. Never right-wing populists are likely to get the Say in Europe.

“We need to develop Europe further,”

The current Federal Minister of justice called for, but also reforms in Europe. “We cannot stand still, we need to develop Europe further.” This is, above all, to social Europe: “We want a European minimum wage and European social insurance.” The social Democrats would have to confront, “that fair wages are anywhere paid in Europe”, also of the dumping competition. In addition, cross-border challenges such as environmental protection and climate change in Europe could be addressed only by the EU together.

Barley acknowledged that you have made the decision for the top candidate and, thus, the parting of the Bundestag and the office of Minister is not easy. “I’ve been thinking about this maturely, because I’m doing what I’m doing now, very happy.” She is also “not so loud speaker and not the car champion”. She was convinced, however, that the voters were looking for more people, “the eye-to-eye with you and you take it seriously” “I think I can”.

The daughter of a British father and a German mother, referred again to their own European coinage: “What am I now, really, is to be a European from top to toe.” You even have two passports, “the father of my children I met in Paris during the Erasmus studies”, not pointed to you, “more Europe”.

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