After the breakthrough at the Brexit negotiations has called a meeting of EU Council President Donald Tusk hold a special summit to the outlet of the Treaty of the European Union with the United Kingdom to continue to advance. The Meeting of the heads of state and government of the EU member States to 25. November in Brussels. Tusk said after a Meeting with EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, he regret the exit of Britain from the EU, but tried to make it for both sides as painless as possible.

The EU and the UK had finished at the beginning of the week, after one and a half years of negotiations, an exit contract that an orderly exit on 29. March 2019 and a nearly two-year transitional period until the end of 2020. After a very long debate, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, secured on Wednesday night with the consent of the Cabinet. This is given from the point of view of the EU, the requirement for the special summit.

secure from The EU chief negotiator Barnier reached agreement on the main objectives of the EU, said Tusk. With the Brexit related damage will be limited, and the Central interests of the remaining 27 EU member States and the Union as a Whole would be protected. “If I wasn’t sure you (Barnier) did your Best to protect the interests of the 27 (…), I would not propose this Deal to complete.” The agreement must agree to all of the EU member States and the European Parliament, in order for it to be valid. Also, the British Parliament has to agree to.

is a Lot of criticism of May

Whether may can convince the British Parliament, is questionable. This Thursday presents the 585-page draft Treaty in the lower house. The Opposition has announced to vote against the agreement. Criticism there is of Brexit-hard-liners in their own party, who complain that the agreement is the UK rules long after the departure of EU-binding. The MP Peter Bone of Mays Conservative party warned that it would lose the support of many conservative MPs and millions of voters, if you are driving the agreement. The Northern Irish DUP is skeptical. Mays minority government dependent on the support of the DUP members.

Mays supporters argued, however, that the agreement was the best possible; Alternatives are only a chaotic exit without agreement or a new election, the Labour Party, the conservative government could replace.

On the EU side is hardly any resistance, even if the 27 remaining States and Europe want to check Parliament the Treaty first. Barnier called the agreement fair and balanced. “But both sides still have a long way to go.”

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