two red lines, has passed London during the Brexit negotiations: customs Union with the EU, and no hard limit, neither in Northern Ireland nor in the Irish sea. Brexit means Brexit. Has Theresa May prayer mill-like.

Even the most creative lawyers of the Union, but were not able to bring these demands together. You contradict yourself simple. If the British out of the EU want out, if you do not want a customs Union, then there must be a limit. It marks the difference between inside and outside. It was in the past few weeks much of a “soft” limit the speech, but even then the rules are different still outside as inside.

so, If a border is to be avoided, it must remain in the United Kingdom within the customs Union. This in turn means that it must accept the rules of the EU.

Brussels is hard

so It is understandable that the Brexiteers the recent agreement, the May announced now, you don’t like. Because you have conducted your campaign with the Slogan: “I want my country back! I want my country back!” You get the current Deal. But you need to still throw the rules of the EU, at least until a second agreement – a free trade agreement – governs the relationship between the EU and the UK.

In the case of the Irish border has remained Brussels so hard. And even more: In the past few days, Europe has increased the pressure on the British government. On Tuesday, after many long nights of negotiations in Brussels, the European Commission published a contingency plan for the scenario of No Deal. It was a targeted message to the British: to The Rest of the EU is prepared on the hard Brexit. If London wants to avoid it, then it must decide now.

When this Deal is now in the British Parliament, no majority, then the blame will be discussed question. The “loopy” Brexiteers are to blame? Or, the European Union has also made mistakes? You would have to maybe be softer, more open?

a template for Europe’s populists

The answer to this question is anything other than negligible. You will play in the upcoming election to the European Parliament a role. Because the populists in Europe. a potentially unfair Brexit, is still on the table, as an example, for the defendant ice of the Brussels bureaucrats to the cold present, shall be considered as proof of the arrogance of Power The Brussels monster is not a delusion, but a cruel reality – the charge will be. This allegation will gain weight, if the economic consequences of an unregulated Brexit will apply also for the Union.

that is Why it is now important that Brussels will take place in the coming days the right tone to London. Without A Winning Attitude. The core question of the future of the Irish-British border, could not act in the Union, just different. Not because they wanted to act as a kind of punishment of God against London and all of the Brexiteers. But because the demands of the British Tories, are simply not compatible.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.