Just don’t re-sodium hydroxide inhalation. He thought he would have been corrosive to the lungs. With quick Blows of Fynn Kliemann sweeps the lye over the wooden plate. This is the best table in the world, is to arise – he says. Just another one of his gloves to remove the green Paint. And his hat at the same time. Fynn Kliemann jumps away from the table, that he wants to be the best in the world.

Two and a half years and over a million and a half clicks, the Video is old. What happened since then? Than 780,000 YouTube subscribers, get your own show in radio, the young program of ARD and ZDF, three prizes, including an “eins live”Krone, over three acres of Land with a courtyard, a record company, a book, an Antiques trade, a design label, an Album and the house boat by Gunter Gabriel, the Kliemann bought together with Olli Schulz for 30,000 euros. “Everything will be out of a Job,” says Kliemann and his cap pushes the forehead, “I have no Hobbies.”


A visit to the 28-Year-old in his homeland, in the countryside between Hamburg and Bremen: red brick houses, farmland, the school bus creeps two Times a day through the villages, otherwise hum of tractors. Here in Rüspel to 200 inhabitants, and again, so many cows, the kliemann country, a real place and a virtual broadcast at the same time. Digital dropouts utopia is nestled in Astrid Lindgren’s bullerby. Fynn Kliemann, this is a way of life: anti-scraping, piece of it welding, “Shit” roar, new paint. The Millenial longing for self-sufficiency, the village, freedom and grandpa’s Moonshine – it is nowhere so good as here.

“I hate this word, commune, and because one thinks that all in tie-dyed pants, and hang out and smoke pot,” says Kliemann, the long limbs on a wooden chair hanging down, and laughs hoarsely. “All of them work here. It is a place full of creators.” Online you can watch him and his employees Make Between 600,000 and over a Million views, the Videos reach his YouTube channel – you mean “tear down the barn”, “pond dredging”, “beer brewing”.

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Since Kliemann the farm of seven buildings and a lot of Land around it – has bought “to the shit build, rockets blow up, barns umballern and so”, came 15 staff, event managers, producers, editors, assistants. Some now live on the HOMESTEAD, their colorful Trailer in the garden next to the vegetable garden and swimming pond. It’s part of the charm, all seem as they were here, finally, your last pub idea.

At first glance, Kliemann also fulfills a stereotype of neo-liberal ideology, platt said: Want to create something, he must do it himself. You want a pond, you have to dredge it. And you want to tear down the barn, you have to swing, specially the wrecking ball. At the same time the village work life, but also just exactly so – where there is little, depends on a lot of the own creative power.

“You lose the rules in many Places a”

“Everything, frames, fences. But here, everything is free. Everyone can do what he wants. I think the world needs a place like this,” says Kliemann. That sounds pathetic. At the same time, the success is Kliemann right: 48.788 people have registered now on the Homepage as citizens of the “creative state”. Kliemann held a market that needs to be cordoned off the whole village, because so many want to have.

“If you say that all of this is just great, this is a lie,” says Kliemann. “One loses in many Places: I have no weekend, do not make any holiday, work from morning till night and sleep little. But I’ve been buzzing myself. Apparently, I need this.” Just feel he does not stop his Followers. “You’re a guy, you like to drink a beer to go,” wrote someone under a Video. It seems he is a as all. And all are as he is. Or want it to be.

kliemann country

of Course, this supposed simpleton is the proximity principle. Kliemann is a media and marketing professional. After training as a media designer, he has founded an advertising Agency. The are still there today. It is the Brotjob, with which he funded all the other projects, he says. Whether he needs the really?

“Never,” has brought Kliemann in September, his first Album on the market. A good Pop, because Kliemann has a distinctive, hoarse voice that is often compared with the Henning May, AnnenMayKantereit, and writes lyrics that are so simple that they are quickly. And in a just way so beautiful that you will be fond of.

Because the CD should rot on any of the bargain table, he decided to an action, which is also a pretty good marketing trick: There are only so many plates are to be pre-ordered-pressed as, after that, the Album will never again be physically available. 96.434 people have agreed. A paragraph of the major labels dream of. Who wants to have the plate today, but still need to take about 200 euros in the Hand and Second-Hand buy.

“It is as you drive throughout the year with full throttle and behind you is a huge bow wave, which is becoming bigger and bigger,” he says now. Not that he was afraid of a Tsunami. Probably, he would surf. And from the Fall a Internethit.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.