Shown above is the Tropical Paradise Garden, the summer version of the Four Seasons Garden of Everland in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. Photo courtesy of Everland

Leading amusement park tries to offer differentiated services

Located in Yongin, approximately 40 kilometers southeast of Seoul, Everland is the biggest amusement park of the nation. Its best-known attraction would be Caribbean Bay and Safari World, to name but a few.

Like other theme parks, Everland is affected by the novel coronavirus, which prompts people to stay indoors. But Everland appears to offer viable options even in the COVID-19 era.

Everland said on August 26 that it Four Seasons Garden is drawing visitors. Filled with millions of flowers and trees, the 10,000-square-meter garden would be a perfect fit for an era of social distancing.

Everland said that the Four Seasons Garden has been transformed for the summer into the Tropical Paradise Garden as there are tropical plants with huge leaves to protect people from the sun.

In the evening, the 33,000-square-meter Sky Plum Blossom Trail transforms into a fantastic enchanted forest with millions of lights, giving off a unique charm that can’t be seen during the day,” an Everland official said.

It is the best view at Everland even on normal days, and now at night, the trail looks like it is swarmed with fireflies.”

The fireflies are just an illusion created using laser lights in a clever installation. But Everland said that they would provide unprecedented experiences.

When you stand on the observation deck and look down at the rest of Everland, you will not care to differentiate between fantasy and reality. You will only see beauty,” the official said.

At the Home Bridge, an accommodation facility tucked inside Everland, people can have a BBQ party, according to Everland.

In the meantime, Everland noted that it puts the safety of visitors first as concerns over COVID-19 are gripping the country.

It requires visitors to wear a mask and get their temperature checked before entering. Everland said that hand sanitizers are provided everywhere, and facilities are thoroughly sterilized.