Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job-log” telling people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

I’m on strike these days with, like many of my colleagues. With high-visibility vests and whistles, we demonstrate for better working conditions. One thing is particularly important to me: With the strike, we don’t want to annoy the passengers. We have a lot of pressure and afraid of losing our Job.

Also, the payment is not in every state. In the East, the safety employees earn still 2,30 Euro per hour less than in the West. In addition, we do not have their own toilets. Even though we are 800 employees of a large company, we have to use the locations of the travelers.

all of This needs to change urgently, so that all passengers can relax and travel safely. And this is only possible if we lay down our work. No one else is on our problems.

I started in 2000, working for a security company in a major German city, which is under contract to the Federal police for airport security. In my state, the aviation security assistant, so my actual job title, are employed, namely, in the case of an external company and not directly at the airport. I earn 17 euros per hour and have a full-time contract, or 160 hours in a month.

“Enormous pressure”

Many of my colleagues are only allowed to work 120 hours in a month and earn accordingly less. We work in shifts, between 3.45 PM and midnight, of course, also on weekends and holidays. The layer change is usually in the lunch time. Every day, around 150 colleagues, are used per shift.

The security personnel at the airport is constantly under observation. Every day I have to go through even a strict security check before I can start work. I’m being sent, as the passengers, through an archway, through a body scanner. Also, the people that I control, eyeing me critically. This creates an enormous pressure.

we Also need to drop since 2012, every three years an audit, we need to show that we are masters of the air safety laws, and even the smallest metal can detect items on the body of the traveller. This exam is very hard.

“job loss would be terrible,”

This makes me great anxiety. I am now employed for almost twenty years at the security company, but I fear that I fail the exam, and then unemployed. I have a family and grandchildren. The job loss would be for all of us, terrible. And, those who do not pass the examination the third Time, flying out. No matter how long he’s been employee of the company.

My work I actually like very much. In an hour I am in control of about 200 passengers. As a man, I from the button only to other men, for the women, my colleagues are responsible. Then another colleague is still there, scan the hand Luggage and liquids and unauthorized items was examined. Here we switch. The hand Luggage control, I like that, too. I can now recognize the Form of the devices in the x-ray image, what brand of mobile phones and Laptops, to transport travelers in their suitcases.

“Everyone must by the control”

I’m a sensitive person and can well respond to the passengers. Especially in the case of small children, I try to take special care. You are not able to assess the Situation and get scared. For the parents it is a stressful Situation.

Like I’m in control of business. The fly so often that you know exactly what you are allowed to carry in your hand Luggage and are therefore particularly straightforward. Annoying I find, however, the snooty First-Class passengers, the gripe of control: “Why is it always me?”, when I point to you, gold chains and bracelets. But since I’m now over it. Through security, everyone must finally, regardless of the purse.


Not as easy as it is when passengers do not speak English. Fortunately, we are busy, very multi-cultural. The other day I checked a man who spoke only Arabic. As I turned the feast, I brought in my colleagues, was able to translate. We have a good Cohesion in the Team and help each other.

a sample we also can make explosives checks on the passengers. A swab is taken from the suitcase or the clothes. So far I have not experienced yet, fortunately, someone was deliberately trying to take explosives on the plane with you. False alarms there are, however, often. The other day we had an engineer who came through his work in contact with substances to which our Sensor has reacted. Even so, some ladies Parfum or computer cleaners leave the explosives test pressing.

I’m doing my job and had, unnoticed by many, a great deal of responsibility for the safety of all passengers. I hope that the more it is recognised. But I’m a fighter. If need be, I’m out on strike for the next two weeks, if as a result, our Plight will be heard.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.