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Sunday, 14. October, 01.49 PM: In interrogations by the public Prosecutor’s office Munich II, the former Audi makes boss Rupert Stadler staff for the continuing diesel scandal at the VW subsidiary, reports to "Bild am Sonntag". He had been repeatedly concealed important information. Instead, employees would have been enough, without the permission of the internals of the Federal Motor transport authority (KBA) or the public Prosecutor. This didn’t do the recon for Audi, easily.

According to prosecutors, Stadler is responsible for the fact that Audi is still for a long time after the exhaust gas affair cheat be-sold Diesel in Europe. The investigators E-Mails, and evidence has been presented, according to Stadler since December 2015 know must have that in the European models improper shutdown facilities to be used. 18. June took the Prosecutor’s office, Stadler. It has blackout was in danger. After two days in custody, Stadler made his first of three statements. He didn’t want to impede the investigation, so Stadler.

In the course of the exhaust-gas affair, Stadler, he had lost the confidence in people. Employees had not clearly understood what is the company on the game. Because far too often he had been from bad news surprised.

The Munich state Prosecutor’s office accused Stadler during the interviews, however, not to a proper education interested. In the case of questions of detail to the internal investigation, Stadler pointed repeatedly to a lack of memory or lack of knowledge. This was met with the investigators on a lack of understanding.

According to Stadler that he had made the diesel issue right. To the reconnaissance work at Audi, therefore, other companies could learn even a little. Just as it has obviously seen the VW group until the end of the contract a few weeks ago. According to information from the "Bild am Sonntag" investigators found in Stadler’s files more target agreements with Volkswagen. Accordingly, Stadler was awarded a Bonus for his supposedly successful Management of the diesel affair in the past year.

Volkswagen is offering customers from November, the exchange premiums

17.43 at: Volkswagen wants to more than a Million Diesel-owners of 1. November to exchange premiums to offer. This offer is addressed to owners of Euro 1 to Euro 5 Diesel vehicles in 14 cities with heavily polluted air, shared with Volkswagen on Thursday. But also people from adjacent counties, as well as commuters should be able to benefit from it. Details for individual models will publish the group’s brands reported to be expected in the next week.

Earlier it was reported that the planned premiums of the so-called volume of the group’s brands should be in the cut at about 4000 Euro for Diesel, the emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4 – and 5000 Euro for Euro-5 Diesel. The exchange premiums should be depending on the selected model.

In the recently introduced Diesel-concept of the Federal government are Hardware retrofit to Euro 5-Diesel in addition to exchange actions intended as a way to improve the air in cities with high pollution levels.

The group informed of how the efforts of the Federal government announced support to avoid potential driving bans in German cities. With the first conversion premium to be able to get 210,000 old diesel vehicles from the roads, to scrap and to replace them with new models.

Berlin driving ban could also government fleet meeting

10.19 PM: The future of Diesel vehicles, bans on several Berlin streets may apply to the fleet of the Federal government. It included Ministry by the end of April, according to the interior 200 of diesel vehicles, of which 28 are the exhaust emission standards Euro 3 to Euro 5. For cleaner air Berlin to introduce after a court ruling driving bans for diesel car and Truck standards Euro 1 to 5 on at least eleven sections of the road. On exceptions, the environmental administration has not yet decided. Most of the government vehicles that meet the Euro standard 6. The fleet also 29 pure electric cars and 88 of the Hybrid vehicles with a combined combustion engine and electric motor.

SPD is threatening to car manufacturers in the case of Diesel-retrofits with fines

Wednesday, 10. October, 9.45 am: in the light of the new judgment to Diesel-driving the SPD was banned in Berlin increased the pressure on the auto makers and bringing fines into the game. The German and the foreign manufacturer would have to finally admit to technical retrofitting of Diesel cars and for cities with the threat of a Prohibited the costs, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol Deutsche Presse-Agentur. If the top Manager refused, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) impose, for each of the manipulated vehicle with a Cheat software, a fine of 5000 euros.

"anyone Who cheats should have to pay for it. Maybe the car Manager to come finally to your senses," said Bartol. "Apparently, the automobile manufacturers have the danger of driving bans for diesel vehicles, such as in Frankfurt or Berlin, is not yet completely understood."

The coalition government had recently agreed on a package of new measures for highly polluted cities, the drive to avert bans due to dirty air. It provides, among other things, incentives for buying new cars, more old Diesel from the streets. In addition, the engine to be retrofit for older cars – the fundamental Commitments of the car manufacturers are missing but still.

The state of Berlin must be for a minimum of eleven road Diesel sections until mid-2019-driving ban, such as the administrative court decided on Tuesday.

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