At the Holocaust commemoration in the European Parliament has accused the former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, the British Labour party and Chairman of anti-Semitism. “The Labour Party (…) has developed, chaired by Jeremy Corbyn in the past few years, one of the most glaring problems of Europe in terms of political anti-Semitism,” said Knobloch. Under Corbyns leadership of the Labour left “of the political center far behind”.

critics Corbyn, a one-sided support of the Palestinians in the middle East conflict. Last August he admitted in a Video to the public that his opposition party had a Problem with anti-Semitism. Disciplinary proceedings against anti-Semitic party members, had been slow and timid establishments. The police are investigating some members due to “anti-Semitic hate crime”.

Already in the past week, Knobloch had criticized the AfD in the case of a memorial event for the victims of national socialism in the Bavarian Parliament for the trivialization of the Holocaust. Members of the right-wing populist party left the chamber.

In the European Parliament in Brussels, warned Knobloch, the hatred of the Jews rise, in all social strata and the political spectrum to be “ugly head”. “Forces such as the AfD, the representatives of the anti-Semitic BDS campaign and radical Muslims may have little in common with each other – only the anti-Semitism unites them all,” said Knobloch. BDS stands for “Boycott, Disinvestment and sanctions” against Israel.

Knobloch, who is also Chairman of the Israelite cultural community of Munich and upper Bavaria, appealed to the members of the European Parliament, as well as present members of the EU Commission, from any Form of Jew-hatred. “The freedom and the democracy we enjoy today, are only as strong as the use of democracy for you. And the willingness of the majority to defend you against an energetic, hatred of minorities was fulfilled.”


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