On 31. March has managed Benjamin Netanyahu: he will rule continuously for a decade as Israeli Prime Minister. Already in 2012, the “Time”magazine gave the conservative politician in reference to his nickname, the title of “King Bibi”.

Whether the early parliamentary elections at the beginning of April and again to a democratic coronation ceremony for him, but it’s open. Netanyahu is because of corruption allegations under pressure. The justice determined against him and that could speed up the end of his political career.

Moreover, the Opposition has since Tuesday again hope that the voters of the popular Prime finally hit. The reason Benny Gantz, a 59-year-old married father of four children and Ex-chief of staff.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz (archive)

In December, finished Gantz months of speculation about his ambitions and presented his party with the name “Chossen LeIsrael – resistance to Israel”. What followed in the last four weeks, was a stony Silence. He said not a word to his political positions. His PR Team released only a Slogan that is running translated on the formula “Israel first”.

The “Prince” wants to. the “king” overthrow

The suit Gantz, should have been during his decades-long military career to a quieter General, quickly made a career, and therefore his rival as a “Prince” was referred to Now he wants to topple “king Bibi” – at least he is trying and has broken his Silence.

Benny Gantz

Although Gantz remained in his first speech in front of frenetic fans in Tel Aviv over long distances vague, but the basic cracks of his ideas were identified. Foreign policy he pursued a course in Israeli society a majority:

middle East: In the Region there is “no pity for the Weak,” said Gantz, “only the Strong survive”. He warned Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani, Qassem Suleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds brigades, and Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, to threaten Israel’s sovereignty. If words do not help, Gantz, then he’ll stop Iran with “painful and precise strikes”. Gaza strip The catastrophic supply situation in the Mediterranean enclave ignored Gantz. It will allow humanitarian aid, he said – and threatened by the radical Islamic Hamas leadership, with the fate of Ahmaed al-Jabari. The former commander of the military Hamas wing, was killed in 2012 by the Israeli army, as Gantz had the Supreme command. West Bank: The Israeli settlements in the West Bank are considered to be one of the main obstacles to peace with the Palestinians. Gantz made it clear that Israel must remain under his leadership for the security in the Jordan valley is responsible, the large settlement blocks, and the annexed Golan heights, never to return, and Jerusalem as the Israeli capital will hold.

domestic political aims to Gantz in the middle of the society, he wants to win over secular voters from the left and right bearing for and worked for in his speech to Netanyahu.

government: He described the mood in the country as “poisoned”. Premier Netanyahu, he accused – without mentioning him by name – to rule as a kind of Israeli sun king. With a view to the investigation of the judiciary against him, said Gantz: “The idea that a government can administer in-chief, against whom a bill of indictment is filed, is ridiculous.” social, financial, minorities: Gantz wants to restructure the health system, Druze and Arab Israelis have the same rights as Jewish citizens, and young families in the construction and acquisition of property to support the prices in the Israeli housing market are exorbitant. He called for equal rights for homosexuals, an end to the discrimination of women and wants to allow public transportation on Shabbat, at least in the municipalities that want this.

this program wants to be Gantz is the tenth Israeli Prime Minister. In the implementation, it is reliant on the support of other parties, the is already determined.

Two Ex-chiefs of defence against Netanyahu

At the end of his speech, Gantz provided an answer as to who it will be: Moshe Yes’alon, as he Ex-chief of staff and also former defense Minister under Netanyahu.

Benny Gantz and Moshe Yes’alon

Yes’alon has recently founded a party with the name “Telem” – reminiscent of Moshe Dayan, the one-eyed General, who had founded in the eighties, a short-lived party with the same name.

alon is not sufficient That Yes’as the only Partner, however, is unlikely. Gantz needs more allies if he does not want to sit after the elections on the opposition bench, or as a defense Minister at the Cabinet table for the re-elected Premier Netanyahu. Time is of the essence.

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