He headed for the coffee house chain Starbucks for more than two decades, and now he presents his new book – and feels, apparently, to the highest office of the USA appointed: Howard Schultz, 65, former CEO of the coffee roaster has declared as an independent candidate in the election to the presidency in the coming year to enter.

a week Ago, the CNN had reported the rumor, now, Schultz said in the program “60 Minutes”: “I am thinking seriously about applying. I’m going to compete as an independent center, candidate, outside the party system.”

Howard said that the United States lived in “fragile times,” U.S. President Donald Trump is not qualified “to be President”. He had been all his life a Democrat, but neither the democratic party nor the Republicans would do the same, “what’s in it for the Americans needed”. The major parties are rather busy daily “with a policy of mutual revenge taking”. In the face of a state debt of 21.5 trillion dollars to both major parties “their constitutional responsibility”.

trump’s “greatest hope for re-election”

In the case of US-Democrats, makes Schultz’ desire for an independent candidacy for the beginnings of panic. Julian Castro, candidate for the democratic nomination, and former Minister for housing, told CNN that if Schultz will compete really as an independent, this means to Trump “the best hope for re-election”. David Axelrod, adviser to Ex-President Barack Obama and the Washington Democrats Chairman Tina Podlowski warned Schultz in front of an independent candidacy.

On the question of whether he’s Worried he could cost the Democrats votes in order to give Trump a second term in office, Schultz said on “60 Minutes”: “I want to see the Americans win, I want to see the US win.” He’ll be an independent candidate, will implement the best ideas. His advantage was that he owed none of the two parties to something.

Schultz, 2011 in the MIRROR: “We have to fight a real leadership crisis”

In the last election, Schultz had supported the Democrats, Obama, and the candidate Hillary Clinton-intensive. As the boss of coffee chain Starbucks, he had made his liberal view of the world is always the object of his policy. So he banished after the Sandy-Hook-massacre at an elementary school weapons from the Starbucks stores. In 2015, he encouraged his coffee seller, “Race together” to write on the cups in Starbucks stores.

Howard Schultz in front of a Starbucks branch in Paris, 2004

That he harbors political ambitions, he said in his farewell to Starbucks in the summer of 2018. In 2011, erin a MIRROR, had explained to Interview: “We have a real leadership crisis. The politicians of both parties, ideology is more important than the welfare of the citizens. Thus, you lose the trust and credit of the United States enjoyed in the world.” On Monday his book “From the Ground Up: A Journey to Reimagine the Promise of America”.


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