After the verdict against his former attorney, Michael Cohen has reported, US President, Donald Trump for the first time: He denied own misconduct, and found, instead, Cohen’s accusations: “I have instructed Michael Cohen to violate the law,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “He was a lawyer, and he should know the law.”

The U.S. President objected, however, to have laws on campaign financing violated. Cohen was just about to bring the President in embarrassment.

trump’s Ex-lawyer was sentenced on Wednesday to, among other things, due to payment of illegal campaign assistance, due to false statements before the Congress and for tax evasion to three years in prison.

in court, Cohen said: “I’ll take it personal and those involved full responsibility for every deed, to which I have pled guilty: to which the President of the United States of America.” He saw it as his duty to cover up Trumps “dirty deeds”.

Michael Cohen

Cohen had given to, among other things, to have the US Congress in connection with a planned but never-realized project Trumps in Moscow lied to. Accordingly, the project was followed far in the election campaign of 2016 – contrary to what Cohen originally specified. (Read more about it here.)

hush money for Stormy Daniels

Cohen gave in a separately from the Russia-investigations, a Prosecutor in the New York proceedings, to have hush money to the Ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels and indirectly to at least one other woman during the election campaign of 2016 paid.

Both women, to have Affairs with Trump. Trump denies the. The public Prosecutor’s office proceeded from the fact that Cohen has acted in both cases “in consultation with and under the leadership of the” Trump. The office of the public Prosecutor in the cash flows from the October 2016 illegal campaign aid.


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