The Japanese prisoners at the end of the previous Board of Directors head of Renault partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, wants to know the official reason for his detention. Ghosn have submitted a claim, the district court in Tokyo. It has to do this for the 8. January a session scheduled.

Ghosns lawyers relied on article 34 of the Japanese Constitution that allows prisoners to learn the specific reason for their detention before a court open to the public. The judiciary is not entitled to reject this claim. The person Concerned then has the right to appear with his attorney and listened to.

Ghosn, the boss at Renault, and his former Confidant Greg Kelly were on 19. November in Tokyo on suspicion of violation of stock exchange requirements. The former Nissan chief is suspected in Japan for many years, a lot of low income are declared and to capital of the car manufacturer Nissan is enriched.

Kelly was released recently on bail from custody. Ghosn, in contrast, remains in custody after the prosecution had levied more accusations against the car Manager. Therefore, he should also be transferred to private investment losses to his former employer Nissan. Only at the 31. Last December, the Tokyo district court shall remand for Ghosn Once again up to 11. January extended.

Nissan and the Japanese car maker Mitsubishi sold Ghosn because of the affair, as Chairman of its Board of Directors, Renault holds officially to him as Chairman of the Board. The transactions for Renault leads for the time being, and his Deputy Thierry Bolloré.


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