Regina Halmich has no problems to make the life partner the first step. “For me, it is, thank God, so that I am more frequently addressed,” said the former Boxing world champion, at a press meeting in Berlin. “But if a man is really like, can I take with a Smile and eye contact with the Initiative.”

But there is one thing that robs the men in their eyes, all attention: the mobile phone. “I must say, however, that in times of Facebook and Instagram is rather difficult, since many of the end of the day on your cell phone stare”, said Halmich. To not want to your own relationship status, you comment on the appointment.

Halmich was from 1995 to 2007, undefeated Boxing world champion, and made women’s Boxing popular in Germany.

Recently, the 42-Year-old had made public that they have suffered for years because of a Stalker. On the Radio, she said: “There was a Fan who wanted more. And he lay in wait for me everywhere, no matter which one of my performances, when I came to, he was always already there.”

Protected by Bodyguards

He had always want to get close to you and the personal contact is sought. “At some point, he was so pushy that I had to be protected at every one of my performances of Bodyguards in front of him,” she says. For three years he was stalking her.

the Stalker had Stopped only when he met another woman. It’s all you “busy for a long time. I wanted to talk never about it, but now after a long time, it’s okay,” said Halmich.


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