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a Few drones ranged and at London’s Gatwick airport, nothing was more. On Wednesday evening, almost the entire flight had to be set, because again and again, drones have appeared over the runways. Only on Friday morning were able to re-start the planes, but the airport operators are expecting more flight cancellations and delays.

With a special equipment of the British army to protect the Airport from further incidents. Also helicopters and snipers were on Thursday. A Downing of the drone was only as a tactical Option considered. The danger from misdirected projectiles was too great, said transport Minister Grayling. “You can’t just fire random weapons in a built up area of the airport.”

a bird in a cockpit can like disc break

Even if the precautions on travelers seem to be exaggerated: you are entitled to. A collision between a drone and an airplane is dangerous. A bird can slice in the worst case, a cockpit break.

again and again, because of collisions between aircraft and birds, to emergency landings and drones are much heavier and potentially more dangerous. “Are drones – over-simplified – birds made of metal, therefore they are taken at least as seriously,” said the German air traffic control on request. Even larger is the risk for helicopters because their rotors are almost unprotected, and they fly much lower than commercial aircraft. Read more about it here.

another Problem: drones are on the Radar to detect, because they are too small or not with the necessary technology equipped with a Transponder. The pilots are surprised by the aircraft, therefore, and can only Dodge hard.

An incident like at the airport, Gatwick is the exception so far. Also, because the drones seem to have been controlled deliberately again and again on the runways, the airport is lame. At least two of the sighted drones, according to police not to Hobby aircraft, but drones for professional use.

The brand and model are unknown, the BBC reports. The police suspect, however, that the Threatening for the disorder can be rebuilt. Anyone who has shot a photo of the drone, is asked to contact the police. According to first investigations, the Eco-activists might be behind the action.

Up to ten years in prison

in Germany, the planes meet, more and more drones. In this year alone have been reported until the end of November 152 between the cases. In the previous record year of 2017, there were only 88 cases. Most of the airport in Frankfurt am Main, followed by Berlin-Tegel and Munich. Most of the incidents occurred in the vicinity of airports.

Discover pilots a drone, report this by radio to the air traffic control. The alerted the police, immediately. The police try to find who is responsible. In September 2017, a Ryanair machine at the airport Cologne/Bonn collided almost with a drone, was looking for the police, even by helicopter, according to the drone pilot.

The flight-devices in the vicinity of airports is strictly prohibited and may be punishable as a “dangerous interference in air transport”. In the worst case, a freedom threatens punishment of up to ten years.

How many drones do we have in Germany, is unclear. So far, the EU has no Central drones-Register or the duty of a Transponder installed in the unmanned objects would be for the air navigation visible. The German air traffic control requires these steps, has been unable to enforce the adoption of the national drone regulation.

tin sign is enough

In Germany, a sheet metal shield to the drones, to the Name and address of the owner. Since last year, drone pilots also need to make a kind of driver’s license, if you want to fly drones that weigh more than two kilograms.

German air transport associations are calling for much tougher rules. “We have for a long time that we need to have a registration requirement for drones, so that responsibility and liability can be clearly assigned,” said the chief Executive of the Federal Association of the German aviation industry, Matthias von Randow.

This should be regulated at European level. The previously prescribed plaque on the drone is not rich. The airport Association ADV also requires that drones with a System that makes them such aircraft electronically visible.

shooting, birds of prey, jammer

there are several strategies, such as drones from airports can be kept away. Some manufacturers anchor the no-fly zones already in the Software of their devices, uniform rules, and there are no but.

to track The drone is usually not a Problem. Systems offers, among other things, the company Dedrone from Kassel, which is already great sport has protected events. The Problem remains, however, how you can get discovered drones from the sky. Nets, raptors, or shooting down: The previously discussed ways are according to expert opinion, is not satisfactory.

Dedrone relies on the interference signals, with which the drones out of action. The jammer, so-called “Jammer” to force the drone into landing mode. The Problem: The “Jammer” also interrupt other signals for the operation of the airport is necessary.

Summary: until now, airports can protect hardly from drones. Collisions between aircraft can and Threaten significant damage will be caused. In Germany have been reported this year until the end of November 152 between the cases, although the Launch of drones in the vicinity of the airport is strictly prohibited and significant penalties could be applied.


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