Shown above is the English-language version of Hanam City’s official website. Instead of incumbent Mayor Lee Hyun-jae, former Mayor Kim Sang-ho is greeting visitors, although the former took office seven months ago. Photo captured from Hanam City official website

Former mayor still welcomes online visitors

South Korea’s Hanam City Mayor Lee Hyun-jae took charge of the city located south of Seoul on July 1 last year after beating former Mayor Kim Sang-ho in an election in a convincing way.

In the city’s foreign-language websites, however, former Mayor Kim still welcomes visitors as of Feb. 1, seven months after the inauguration of the incumbent chief.

The city runs its official websites in four languages of Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

In the Korean-language version, the city updated the leadership. Yet, it failed to do so in the remaining three other versions.

For example, its English-language website starts with the phrase of “Greetings! My name is Kim Sang-ho, and thank you for visiting the website of Hanam-si.”

Hanam-si refers to Hanam City as “si” means a city in Korean.

An erstwhile Hanam official criticized that the city’s employees would have to run the websites in a better way.

“It does not make any sense that the former mayor still represents the city in foreign languages,” the official said. “Hanam is required to update the sites immediately.”

When contacted, a Hanam City official said that the update of the websites was managed by relevant divisions.

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