Samsung Galaxy smartphones are set to embrace robo-advisory services. Shown above is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

AI agent to help invest in stock market

Samsung Electronics plans to incorporate robo-advisory services in its artificial intelligence (AI)-based agent, Bixby, later this year.

Toward that end, a source familiar with the issue said the company is working with outside experts.

Users of robo-advisory services would have to make accounts at brokerages in advance. And then, they will be able to consult Bixby about their investments,” said the source who asked not to be named.

For example, Galaxy smartphone users can ask Bixby to recommend good info-tech shares. If users are fine with Bixby’s choices, Bixby will invest in the shares.”

The anonymous source said the features would be introduced step by step.

The advisory services will have a trial run in the Korean language first. That would be this year. English language services would be available later, possibly next year,” she said.

When contacted, a Samsung official refused to confirm this.

Will Bixby stand out?

The incorporation of the robo-advisory services could increase the merits of Bixby, which competes with other AI assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

It is also expected to raise the appeal of Samsung’s new models as the Seoul-based smartphone maker is striving to strengthen its global leadership in the face of stiff competition from Chinese players as well as Apple.

Samsung came up with its flagship S10 last month, which is winning the hearts and minds of global end users. The info-tech giant also showcased its first bendable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

The rivalry in the global smartphone market is getting stiffer. On top of innovative hardware features, mobile phone providers are required to provide fancy software. In that sense, robo-advisory services could provide a competitive edge,” a Seoul analyst said.



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