The Federal Cabinet has decided to banned legal regulations to diesel driving. Specifically, it is an Amendment to the Federal Immission control act. In cities with relatively low Exceedances of the limit value for harmful oxides of nitrogen diesel driving bans are “typically” not proportionate, is it is now because other measures were not sufficient, the limit value to be complied with.

The limit on grams of nitrogen dioxide per cubic meter of air is 40 micro. In cities with maximum values of up to 50 micrograms, there should be no driving bans. Most of the communities in which the limits are exceeded, are below this mark. However, the cities could choose more freely, they say.

Moreover, it is written now, that diesel vehicles the emission standards are not exempted Euro 4 and Euro 5 from driving, if you launch in the everyday lives of more than 270 milligrams of nitrogen dioxide per Kilometer – for example, if you were retrofitted with additional catalysts. Euro-6 Diesel will also be exempt, regardless of their nitrogen oxide emissions. as well as retrofitted heavy-duty municipal vehicles such as Garbage trucks.

The measures are part of a package of the coalition, to prevent further driving prohibitions. The Changes are controversial. Environmental groups and opposition politicians criticize, contrary to European law. The EU limit value of 40 microgram of going to softened.

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