The car manufacturer is lagging behind with software updates to compromised diesel cars to your own schedule. Diesel customers to substantial delays in the conversion, the threat of it. Up to the end of the year, should be converted to Commitments made by the German manufacturer of 5.3 million vehicles finished so far, there are only 3.75 million, as the transport Ministry announced.

The producers of “the danger to break your promise. I urge that you work through as quickly as possible the rest of the vehicles. Otherwise, you lose confidence,” said Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU).

measures approximately 3.8 million Cars from Volkswagen, about 900,000 of Daimler, and more than 300,000 cars from BMW as well as cars from Opel and other manufacturers were Affected. With the software updates, the pollutant emissions are to be reduced and air quality improved. In many places the limit values for nitrogen dioxide are exceeded, the courts have arranged, therefore, in a number of cities bans.

manufacturers have not provided documents to the KBA

On the Diesel summit of the Grand coalition in October, were also Hardware solutions by means of a so-called SCR supplied catalyst as an alternative solution in view. In the SCR System, urea solution is injected, to make the toxic nitrogen oxide harmless. In the absence of approved solutions Diesel-owner of a Hardware can hope to retrofit but at the earliest in the year 2020. Therefore many customers rely on the software variant, now have to wait longer than planned.

That not all of the affected cars are ready converted, according to the Ministry, that the manufacturer must provide to their applications for release of software updates to the part of the technical documents to the Federal motor transport authority (KBA). We expect this success to all requests as soon as possible, it said.

The German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) sees the reason for the delay not only for its members. “But above all, it is important that the customers come into the workshops, because it is a voluntary action,” a VDA spokesman. The effort required for software updates is also significant, because it was a matter of the development, testing and release of hundreds of Software variants.


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