a Lot has been complaining lately about the fact that the policy has lost its creative power. The will to compromise had disappeared, unforgiving social groups face.

The struggle for the phase-out of coal has been seen as a symbol for these values, condition of the political system complain. He symbolized in the archaic images of protesting in the hambach forest, fought from tree houses out against the police.

From the East of the country, from the brown coal fields spread, as it were, a mixture of Frustration and anger against the political class. The end of the coal-fired power generation would drive people into unemployment and the regions in agony, the message from Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-rang continued. The emerging campaigns of the AfD and the feared down in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Ruling staggered layers up to the Chancellor in fear.

you could easily have been in a debilitating state of shock.

Since this Saturday morning, there is reason to hope that this state of Affairs could change. After 21 hours of negotiations, representatives of a spectrum of economic, environmental associations, trade unions and politicians have negotiated a compromise that has a solid path from the burning of climate-damaging coal. “A historic feat” it had been said this Morning, an overnight ächtigter Co-Chairman of Ronald Pofalla, the trial of skill was probably decisive that the Commission “growth, structural change and employment” to a successful outcome.

Ronald Pofalla in the Video: “the Historic feat of strength”


What, only one was decided by a vote against, especially in a historic opportunity for the brown coal areas of the East. Around 40 billion euros will be invested in the next 20 years to ensure that the impact of the Coal phase-out will be compensated for the citizens. If the money, as in the Commission’s report outlines, is purposefully used, then the regions could be preserved just in time before the economic decline (for more on the impact of the Coal phase-out read here).

Wind and solar power have the race won

Because the brown coal, and have tried the right-wing populists talk in their campaigns to the people, has no future. The conversion of energy production to renewable sources of electricity, would have ruffled the brown coal open cast mining anyway in the foreseeable future. The coal-fired power plants are already closed already, over and over, because of rising prices for emissions allowances leave you unprofitable.

Wind and solar power have won the race to build the most economical form of electricity generation. That’s not to say Ökoaktivisten, but economic researchers. Now it is about to create a System that guarantees a stable supply of electricity. This is the task of engineers and IT-experts, and this task is solvable.

The Ruhr area should serve the people in the Lausitz as a cautionary tale for what happens when you put yourself against the inevitable economic change. With billions of subsidies have been tried in the Eighties and nineties, to keep the coal alive. The warm-subsidy rain made the politicians sluggish, you missed structural change, and the once-prosperous rushed at the end Region in a low gear. Until today, the Ruhr area has not recovered.

brown coal areas in map of Germany

This error should not repeat. The structural change, the Commission has provided in today’s decision, that an action law will be provided on the way in which the necessary money to improve the roads, rail and digital Connections. Are provided for research institutes, in which those modern technologies a business to be invented, not on the release of climate-damaging greenhouse gases is based.

Signal of new beginnings

The sum of money looks impressive. It works but only as long as a deterrent, as they will not be considered as an investment in the nucleus of an ecological economic miracle. The amount derives mainly from existing pots, such as from funds of the German Federal transport infrastructure plan. Now, there is a need for skillful state governments that use the money smart and not in senseless projects spending.

The risk is given by: 14 of 40 billion Euro are not linked to concrete actions. You need to be protected from politicians who want to cram so prefer the hole in the budget or prestige projects, which develop not only beautiful appearance but no long-term effect.

As a positive role model in the Region of the Central German brown coal area could be used. Around Leipzig has developed into an industrial landscape can continue to flourish. In contrast to Brandenburg, the country’s politicians have so far ignored the structural change to a large extent. Especially for you, the result of the structural change, the Commission serves as a Wake-up call. And not just for you.

PDF Download final report of the Commission on “growth, structural change and employment”PDF size: 5 MB

The Federal government must now compromise as a Signal of new beginnings to understand. In particular, Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) is now prompted to take the necessary steps. He needs to drive the energy transition, the Expansion of the grids to accelerate, but also to develop a bold industrial policy with a sustainable economy.

The report from the structural change, the Commission has the makings of a Ruck in Germany to trigger. He should encourage the inventive spirit in a Nation that sees itself as a country of engineers and not of the doubters. The result last night, should generate Confidence spread in the force, political consensus and social peace.

There must be an appeal for those who believe in a successful Tomorrow. And a rebuff to those who want a Yesterday.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.