With the Explosion of tapped gasoline Pipeline in Mexico have died, according to new reports, at least 85. The Minister of health Jorge Alcocer said that 72 people were still treated in hospitals. The Victims were people who wanted to siphon fuel from the damaged Pipeline.

The accident occurred on Friday in the state of Hidalgo, near the small town of Tlahuelilpan, a good hundred kilometres North of Mexico city. About 800 people were rushed with Jerry cans and buckets to the fuel line, to supply illegally with fuel. There was an Explosion and the Pipeline caught fire.

The Mexican security Minister Alfonso Durazo said, the state-run Oil company Pemex have known of the leak. She had been warned by the military four hours before the Explosion. However, Pemex had kept it for a “minimal” leak.

gasoline theft is a large Problem in Mexico. According to Pemex figures, it was tried in the past year, every 30 minutes, a Pipelines to tap into. Hidalgos Governor Omar Fayad is not called on the population after the accident to participate in the gasoline Theft. It life is dangerous.

Fuel in guarded trucks

The government since the end of December against fuel theft and had already some of the lines close. The Fuel is now transported in guarded by tank trucks. At gas stations in the Latin American country in recent weeks, long queues.


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