When an IED exploded in front of a Church in Egypt a policeman was killed. Two policemen were injured in front of the house of worship in Cairo, reports the AFP news Agency. The Explosion occurred, therefore, on Saturday, m the district of Nasr City, as security forces wanted to disarm the explosive device.

In the case of the killed police officers, Mustafa Abid, is, therefore, an explosives expert. He initiated the use of the al-Asra Wa-Abu Sifin Church. In front of the Church of the explosive device was discovered in a bag. Security forces had cordoned off the streets around the Church.


are Copts, again and again, The Christian minority, the Copts, who celebrates on Monday, Christmas in Egypt is always a target of attacks. At the beginning of November were killed in an attack on a Pilgerbus seven people and seven more have been injured. Among the dead six Copts and an Anglican Christian. To known the attack the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS).

Before the Christmas holiday had exacerbated the authorities, the security arrangements in Cairo. Egypt’s head of state, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was expected on Sunday for the opening of a new Cathedral in the future administrative capital of the country, 45 kilometres East of Cairo. The Christian God is considered to be the largest in the Middle East, and is to be opened with a large Celebration.

El-Sisi presents himself as a protector of the Egyptian Christians. Observers and activists have accused the government, however, is to discriminate against the Copts and to not defend adequately against Islamists. Since the end of 2016, have been killed in Egypt more than a hundred people in attacks on Christians.

The Copts make up about ten percent of the Egyptian population. A total of around a hundred million people live in the country.


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