Since Christmas eve, the volcano mount Etna erupts on the Italian island of Sicily. Ash clouds and Lava shot out of the mountain, the elevation at several Points. Magma that makes the ground tremble – earthquakes shake the Region.

Are people in danger?

In the case of earthquakes, at least 28 people injured in the falling debris. Skiers have been retrieved from the mountain.

Destroyed house in the village of Fleri

hundreds of residents stayed overnight as a precaution, in the car, in shelters or in the open. Not only with quake, also with ash, rain must be expected in case of further outbreaks.

At 1600 apartments damage have been reported, especially in the village of Zafferana Etnea. Plaster was crumbling facades, walls of houses collapsed. Strongly, the Church was damaged from the 17. Century.

the Statue was Destroyed on Etna

The air traffic in Sicily, at times, torn-up roads were blocked was reduced.

Lava is not a threat to towns so far. Only week-long outflow could drive you into the valley in a populated area.

the outbreak Is particularly?

In the past years, mount Etna hurled every few months, ash and Lava. The current outbreak provides for speculation: it Is the first Time in almost eleven years that the volcano has erupted from its flank, as the pictures suggest? Still cover ash clouds hide the view, so that a balance is difficult.

Has formed a new crater?

it would be Possible that in the case of the current Eruption a new crater near the summit is formed. It would be the first since 2007, when the New Southeast crater was formed. Every few decades, the Magma finds a new way to the top, a new chimney and a new crater, the Lava and ash shoot.

in 1911, in addition to the Central crater, the northeast crater. In 1945, the Voragine opened (the big mouth), in 1968, the Bocca Nuova, and in 1971, the Southeast crater.

the Youngest crater of mount Etna

The activity under the Southeast crater is extinguished, since 2007, the crater seethed, especially in the New Southeast. Apparently, the vent of the Southeast crater had been bent to the East, says Boris Behncke of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia INGV, by the monitoring centre of mount Etna in Catania.

this Time he observed the surprising eruptions of the Bocca Nuova and the northeast crater. Between the New Southeast crater and the northeast crater crack of the mountain, the columns opened.


How long the outbreak will last?

On Wednesday, has weakened the Eruption, but anxiety remains: there are earthquakes and more eruptions are possible at any time. How long the increased activity of the volcano continues, cannot be predicted.

mount Etna Breathes faster?

radar measurements from satellites revealed that the mountain is breathing, literally the roof moves rhythmically up and down. Prior to eruptions, swelling of the volcano by more than ten centimeters. Lava and ash shot out, shrinks it again.

Also quake data seemed to show a steady rhythm of Etna: With a frequency equal to that of the human heart, of about 70 beats per Minute, the volcano was vibrating, had discovered, researchers already in the seventies.

Video NASA

to be with the leisureliness of Etna, it seems to be over.

it’s over with “Good-natured”?

Earlier explosive eruptions of mount Etna were rare, and the volcano was called “the good-Natured”: Gas could easily escape from the mountain, and Lava is mostly gently from the flanks welled. Researchers suggest that the eruptions of the past few years as a sign for a change of mount Etna.

Why are the outbreaks?

volcanologists report that the most explosive Phase of Etna of the past 2000 years. The ascent of Magma is not, in the course of efficient for centuries amazed the experts. Because the Magma is flowing so fast, loses it on the way less Gas on the peak incoming rock porridge is so explosive.

In the Video – thermal image shows the extent of lava flows:

Video of the Guardia Costeria

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