Shown above is the white paper of Mammoth Chain, which plans to hold a forum later this month to share its goal and vision. Photo courtesy of Mammoth Chain

Meetup event will take place southern Seoul

Mammoth Chain, which operates a blockchain network, announced on June 22 that it would hold a forum late this month to introduce the outfit and its roadmap.

The meetup event will take place on June 30 at Josun Palace in southern Seoul. Included in the participants are experts in the blockchain industry.

Founded late last year, Mammoth Chain has strived to build a main net, which it says could be applied to such industries as decentralized autonomous organizations and accelerating.

The Mammoth platform issued a local token, dubbed MMT, which is traded at the North American exchange Biconomy. Its total supply is 10 billion, and 70 percent of them are circulating.

During the June 30 forum, it plans to announce that its token will also be traded at XT.com, a social-infused exchange.

Its white paper notes that Mammoth is a project designed to build an integrated infrastructure based on ecosystem resources.

“Relying on the world’s largest trading ecosystem, Mammoth is committed to being the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, building a complete ecosystem of technology development, application promotion, and trading,” the white paper says.

“It makes the deployment of decentralized applications more efficient and cost-effective and provides comprehensive entitlement to publicity, traffic, and resources.”

Mammoth Chain advisor Jenny You said that hundreds of people would take part in the June 30 forum to share the goal and vision of the platform.

“Mammoth will provide a variety of innovative services to global developers. Mammoth’s ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem so that transactions and economic activities between users can actively occur within it,” she said.

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