should Actually be it for Manuel Chang, Mozambique’s former Minister of Finance, a short Trip under the Arabian sun during the Christmas holidays. And when you Start from the capital city of Maputo airport everything went as planned.

but Then something came in between: When you Change at the airport of Johannesburg, Chang was asked to leave the transit area. Hardly, he was in South Africa, entered, arrested him, police officers. Now, weeks later, he sits there still in custody.

Chang is accused of corruption, fraud to be more precise: a conspiracy of financial and money-laundering. He is said to have received twelve million dollars for 2013 to endorse as a Minister in a huge loan agreement, the country held two years of secret.

Manuel Chang in a courtroom in South Africa

Chang each failed denies the behavior. However, because the U.S. Department of justice, worthy wants to clear up the entire scandal of the relevant loans by more than two billion dollars for Chang’s impoverished home country, has requested his extradition.

In the new Tansparency International corruption report for 2018 Mozambique also fell because of the Causa Chang. Intra-African the is since 1975 by the former liberation movement Frelimo ruled the country on one of the rear-most seats.

500 million dollars, easy way

The case of the allegedly bribed Minister for Finance, Chang and Mozambique is a good example of how in some countries are actually public funds into private pockets Hiking. The three test will be stolen from there, where as in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, or Cameroon long a party or a ruling family without any real democratic control and governed.

corruption index 2018

Chang is, it’s nice to see at least the US authorities, a Central figure in one of the largest African corruption scandals of the past few years. In addition, three former bankers from the Swiss financial group Credit Suisse (CS) are charged with in New York. The Bank itself is not targeted by the authorities.

A Commission of inquiry has so far found out that the desperately poor country lent to the Russian state Bank VTB and the CS between 2013 and 2014, a total of two billion dollars.

The money is supposed to be a tuna fishing fleet as well as patrol boats and Küstenschutzradare issued. On the use of $ 500 million, however, there is no evidence. Goods, for which $ 700 million were paid, were actually much less value.

As Mozambique, his first of the hidden debt in 2016, but announced that it responded to the International monetary Fund annoyed and stopped his support payments. The result: a deep economic crisis.

liabilities are. from 2021

In his Distress, supports the country’s government bonds, for a further 700 million In the meantime, Mozambique has declared that it will pay back neither of the two billion dollars in loans and state bonds. Hope Maputo donors until 2021. Then revenues from newly discovered gas reserves to bring fresh money.

According to U.S. authorities should have been paid in connection with the hidden credit of approximately $ 200 million of bribe money. The “Financial Times” cited from the U.S. indictment in the Case of Chang an unnamed Mozambican officials, who had said a Manager of supervisor of ship-Builder: “It will give Stakeholders whose interests you must care also about the Minister for defence, the Minister of the interior, the air force and so on. In democratic countries like ours come and people go, and everyone wants his or her part of the deal, as long as he or she is in office.”

the Minister of defence at that time was a certain Filipe Nyusi. Today, he is the head of the Frelimo and President of Mozambique. He has promised enlightenment.

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