Several editorial offices and party offices have become the target of Poster campaigns, to which the rights of “Identitarian movement,” known in the Internet. The Berlin police identified the Suspects: two men and a woman at the age of 24, 27 and 31 years were activists of a “well-known movement,” she said. In addition, the action used Transporter could be found.

In Berlin, were affected on Monday, the “Tageszeitung” (“taz”), the headquarters of the SPD and the Greens, as well as the ARD office. The police and a spokesman for the Greens confirmed. According to his own representation of the “Identitarian movement wanted to protest” against the alleged belittling linker violence. Photos of the grouping on Twitter to show to your specifications also actions in other cities.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), the “Identitarian movement” as a right-wing-case of suspicion. The BfV, is by individual members of the known that they have contacts in the extreme right-wing scene. Also, some governance activists previously belonged, therefore, extreme right-wing organisations.

The Berlin police went out on Monday of a concerted, politically motivated action. The state protection test, the deeds of a connection, as well as the credibility of the commitment of the “Identitarian movement,” said a spokesman. In Frankfurt am Main, prevented police officers in a poster campaign of the “Identitarian movement” at the editorial offices of the “Frankfurter Rundschau”, a police spokeswoman said. Here, too, the state determines the protection.

poster with a picture of Frank Magnitz

According to the police, should have installed in Berlin for six to seven persons posters on “taz”-house and distributed leaflets, an employee is said to have been afflicted. The security of the state investigate trespassing, dangerous bodily injury, and a possible political background, said a police spokeswoman. The “taz”, the group tried to make a poster with a photo of the injured Bremen AfD-country heads of Frank Magnitz to hang up. According to the police, Unknown to the gathered a short time later in front of the SPD Headquarters and also posters.

In Frankfurt controlled by the officials, a total of eight people, shortly before the real action should start, as it was called. It will determined because of the suspicion of a violation of the Assembly act, said the police spokeswoman.

mayor Müller: “attack on parties and the media”

The German journalists and journalists-Union (dju) condemned the actions. “This concerted attack shows how threatening the Situation is for you, ladies and gentlemen it is now,” said the Federal Manager of the Union, Cornelia Berger,. Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said, “this Federal show-wide attack on parties and the media,” that the Identity of the parties and the free and critical reporting, the media can be a thorn in the eye.

The “Identitarian movement” with French roots, is since 2012 also active in Germany. It is directed against alleged “Multicultural madness”, “uncontrolled mass immigration” and the “loss of one’s own identity through Domination”. According to the protection of the Constitution report, in 2017, the group has in this country about 500 members.


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