Hidden camera in the stadium: A concert Agency has apparently filmed secretly Fans of Taylor Swift and a Software the faces to analyze. On a screen at a Kiosk Videos of concert rehearsals had been shown. A hidden camera behind the Display have filmed the faces of all the visitors, who watched these Videos.

according to a report in the music magazine “Rolling Stone”. The author refers to the chief of security of the event Agency Oak View Group. The Agency staff had been on site to test the Software. SPIEGEL ONLINE has asked the Agency and the Management of the artist, a response is still.

according to The report, the images of the Fans will be sent to a Server in Nashville, where they were with the entries in a database compared. The facial features of visitors were compared with photos of hundreds of persons as a Stalker of the singer known. The artist had to fight several times in the past with massive Stalking-attacks.

Tech companies care about user privacy

Generally, facial recognition is a sensitive measure to identify visitors. Finally, the data must be stored for a balance – what is controversial, because many users use your face as a password, for example, their Smartphones in order to unlock. The data gets into the wrong hands, users can also company hardly anything and have to do without on your face as a password.

The Problem: In the USA there are as yet few data protection rules for face detection. This is especially true for concerts as private events, the organizer of the house right to left. Therefore, large Tech companies, earn money with face detection are worried now even to the privacy of the users. Microsoft had called in last week to finally take political measures to regulate the face detection.

Otherwise, the large-scale use of the technology is to stop. For example, the US card provider Ticketmaster has announced in may, the Software flashing Identity to Fans of the locks faster through turnstiles at the entrance to (PDF). In a fraction of a second the System captures the faces and determines whether or not the Fan has a valid Ticket.

In Germany could be a action expensive for the organizer: Since may of this year, the General data protection regulation in Europe. Who secretly visitors of a concert filming, in violation of the rules. Those who want to scan people’s films and sensitive information, such as faces, for example, must indicate clearly on the Ticket, and specify how long the information is stored.

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