until a few hours ago largely insignificant and unknown App perfectly illustrates the tense relationship between Facebook and Apple.

With his “Research”application wanted to receive Facebook detailed insights into the Smartphone usage behavior of volunteers between 13 and 35 years, and they pay for it. However, the implementation of the project suggests that Facebook has the expected resistance of Apple.

first, the Code of the App is very similar to that of the application Onavo, which is also part of Facebook and Apple could have in the past year because of violations of its privacy policy from the App Store Verba. Secondly, the “Research”App was not only spread on the provider of beta test services, on the App Store. Wherein, of all things, Apple’s own beta test service TestFlight was not among them.

This method to install Apps, is referred to as sideloading. By Facebook chose the detour via the beta test of the services, the dealings of the group, the otherwise obligatory control of any new application by Apple.

And thirdly, shared with Facebook,after “TechCrunch” had made the process public, very quickly, the App no longer is for iOS devices. Whether it happened now or a result of pressure from Apple, you know, only the parties Involved. At least in the external representation of Facebook came another embarrassing expulsion from the App Store before.

Without Facebook’s services would be the iPhone is just a piece of Manager-equipment

The expulsion, however, would have been the only consequence that Facebook would seriously have to worry about. Because even if Apple-CEO Tim Cook last many times, how very little he has for Facebook’s handling of user data: The two companies need each other, whether you like it or not.

Facebook’s Software would not be able to change human communication and culture without the iPhone (and its influence on the Smartphone development) global. Even today, the iPhone is the world’s single most important device of the mobile Internet, although it is not an elitist product. Apple’s Hardware would become, again, without services, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp is not a lifestyle product, but at the most a Manager of equipment, as used to be a Blackberry.

so it’s No wonder that Facebook wanted to spread his “Research”-App also on iOS, users. It is significant that it hid almost in front of Apple. Just as significantly, the unmistakable public Silence, Apple responded to the matter is: The two companies remain committed to each other in a love-hate relationship.

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