The Federal cartel office intends to prohibit Facebook the collection of user data in Germany, in part. A decision should be delivered to the U.S. group in the next few weeks, reported the “Bild am Sonntag”. Specifically, the exchange of data with third parties.

Including Twitter, games, Apps and website operators, but also the Facebook subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram fall, according to the report. The background is that the Bonn-based authority Facebook accused of making a possible abuse of its market. Already at the beginning of last year, the cartel office President Andreas Mundt had announced that the Gathering and use of data from third-party sources should be prohibited, without the Express consent of the user might be in.

Facebook collects a considerable amount of personal data of its users and uses this to advertising, among other purposes. The cartel office sees primarily the Gathering of data outside of the social network, which are then associated with the Facebook account, as problematic. According to the authority, this is already done, if, for example, a “Like-not used Button”, a user has accessed a page, in such a Button is embedded.

Green request splitting

Open the report in the “BamS”, but still, how strict Facebook is the authorities ‘ requirements must comply with: Instead of, as usual, immediately wanted to allow the cartel office is, apparently, a period of time. To have the Details of the authority to, by reference to the current method but not Express.

A Facebook spokesperson announced to the newspaper’s opposition to the decision: We do not share the views of the Bundeskartellamt. “We will defend this Position.”

The Greens criticised, however, the antitrust authorities would have much underestimated for too long, which Makes the huge data of Internet companies to estimate adults. According to “BamS” now was decision was “the right step to take, but not enough,” said competition spokeswoman Katharina Dröge and group Deputy Konstantin von Notz. Needed a splitting of the group was: “WhatsApp and Instagram need to be restored from the Facebook Empire, separated by”, demanded the Green-politician.


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