be On the Top Ten list on Tripadvisor, many Hotels and Restaurants like winning the lottery. Because it is guaranteed over a period of months a good inflow and a good booking situation. According to a recent Research of the British Times, but a third of all reviews on Tripadvisor are supposed to be fake.

In cooperation with the consumer portal the newspaper analyzed tens of thousands of reviews and found that the top rated accommodations twice as many Fake contained reviews as the worse rated.

Thriving Internet trade in Fake reviews

according to The study, is to exist also on the Internet a thriving trade in fake reviews. Through various dubious Online suppliers of Hotels to shopping in a targeted false Reviews to improve your Ranking. Negative reviews to harm competitors, were in high demand.

For their Research, the Times has also set itself the fake posts on Tripadvisor. It was only when the Team posted identical reviews for different properties, have blocked the Portal to the contributions.

Tripadvisor itself denies these accusations and told FOCUS Online: “We reject the inaccurate and misleading claim that a third of the reviews was a fake, totally. This statement comes from a single company called fake spot their Attempts to analyze reviews ‘are extremely unreliable and fundamentally flawed.” (The full text is available at the end of the text.)

superlatives and praise – how to identify useful reviews

That Fake reviews are a Problem, is no secret. Also, if you are recognize for the layman is difficult, users should pay attention to the following:

descriptions always carefully read.False reviews often sound very flat and with little detail.Fakes are usually extreme praise or extreme bad reviews.Purchased reviews often sound advertising with a lot of superlatives.A Hotel has received positive reviews within a short period of time, could this be or contracted to be bought.Compare the reviews with those on other portals. These are extremely different, something is not right.

According to Sabine Fischer-people of the consumer Association of Brandenburg, it is generally important to have always the time of the assessment. "If an assessment indicates a lack of a specific time, such as a construction site, doesn’t mean that this still exists." Therefore, should keep the User always best to reviews of more recent date, and personal interests such as cleanliness, Service or food filters. "Ultimately, one must be aware of the fact that a rating is a personal opinion at the time X", fishing-folk. Because demands and expectations are different, What some vacationers great presents for others, a total disappointment. Here are the journey-Newsletter

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An algorithm that filters out posts that the striking descriptions to include

To combat fraudulent reviews, proceed, offer portals a lot. Georg Ziegler, Director of Brand, Content & Community of the hotel review portal says: “On our pages time to run after the main trip is over 6000 on each valuation day. This does not go immediately on the page, but undergo first a detailed examination,“ said Ziegler.

So the sender must verify your E-Mail address. Then, an algorithm checked out the reviews on the basis of about 60 Filters. He, for example, examines whether eye-catching words and descriptions are included in the texts, which refer to the catalog language. Also certain patterns and correlations with other assessments, to be recognized, so Ziegler.

the System detects anomalies, verifies a 45-person Team again, whether it is an authentic contribution. A sample of the need to present some of the evaluators of the Portal is also a proof of the booking, which proves that the Person has actually lived in the Hotel.

“we don’t catch may, every black sheep, and if, in individual cases, consciously and professionally betrayed,” explains Ziegler. The number of submissions, which are fished because of doubts as to the authenticity, out, were, however, in the lower single-digit range.

the first strike against provider fake reviews

Also, Tripadvisor confirmed to FOCUS Online, to do everything Possible to scammers track of contributions. “We’re going great guns and incredibly a lot of resources, in order to protect the integrity of the content on the page. Any review that is submitted to TripAdvisor, runs through a highly developed test system, the evaluation reflects How, What, Where, and when. Using practices from different sectors, such as the credit and banking sector, followed hundreds of electronic attributes, in order to detect activity patterns,“ says a spokeswoman to FOCUS Online. Thus, a 300-man-strong team of specialists, working in addition to it, to check each eye-catching valuation.

In the fight against suppliers of fake reviews, the company succeeded only recently a breakthrough: In Italy, a portal operator that is selling packages with fake contributions to companies in the hospitality industry could be sentenced to a fine in the amount of 8000 euros plus a nine-month prison sentence. Although the sale of counterfeit reviews in many countries constitutes a violation of the law. But this is the first Time, according to a spokesman, that it is in this regard came to a criminal conviction. The counter-representations of Tripadvisor to the allegations of the Times

We reject the inaccurate and misleading claim that a third of the reviews was a fake, totally. This statement comes from a single company called fake spot their Attempts to analyze reviews ‘are extremely unreliable and fundamentally flawed.

fake spot has no access to the essential technical core of the data that would be needed to determine whether a review is fake or not. We already – we use this data for more than a decade, to check millions of reviews. If the methods of fake spot would be in any way reliable, would we use it. We have tested your analyses, with reviews, of which we know that they are either real or false, and the results show that they are much too unreliable.

The usefulness and accuracy of the content on TripAdvisor is what has made our site with several Hundred million consumers, popular. We have never lost sight of. This is the reason why no other major review platform does as TripAdvisor more to prevent fake reviews.

We have materially, in technologies and Expertise for fraud detection invested in fake reviews to prevent, and we are very successful individuals and companies to get caught, claiming, to sell. In fact, we have stopped in the last few years, more than 60 of these sites. You can learn more about how we detect fake reviews here.

We are the experts when it comes to finding fake reviews – not fake spot. Its business model depends on, to convince users that you can not trust review sites. Our Website is based on trust. If the content wouldn’t be useful if you could provide any good recommendations, then the consumer would not want to return to our site.

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