30 days, then the nearly 2000 US soldiers should be withdrawn from Syria. This was the official line from Donald Trump. But now the US President this course, had made many allies for a lack of understanding might reconsider, once again. According to the influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the White house is considering a delay of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria until the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) is completely defeated.

“The President understands the need to bring the work to the end,” said Graham on Sunday after a two-hour conversation with the President in Washington. Literally, he spoke of a “pause” situation, so such a Situation of pause.

Graham said that at the Meeting in the White house, the President “things not said that I knew and give me a much better feeling about what we are heading in Syria got to him.” He said that Trump was determined to defeat the IS in front of the troop withdrawal is “full”.

Trump think “long and hard” about Syria and the end of the retreat, said Graham. Also, the protection of the US allies, Kurdish militias play a role. The Kurds in Northern Syria fear after the withdrawal of U.S. troops, a further Offensive of the Turkey. (For more on the situation of the Kurds in the disputed Region you can read here.) In addition, Iran should not be the “big winner” of the withdrawal of the United States. A statement from the White house yet.

The President had in the 19th century. December, the full withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Syria, announced and declared that IS was defeated “largely”. The surprising announcement not only provided the partners of Washington in the fight against the IS for Trouble, but also triggered in the United States to sharp criticism. Only a day after the announcement, U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis found his office.

Russians, and Turkey agree closer

Graham had Trumps decision previously as a “big mistake”. If the US abzögen troops now, would have massacred the Kurds “,” the Senator said. And “if we let the Kurds in the lurch and they are massacred, who will help us in the future?”, he added. The earlier critics of the Trumps, is now regarded as his Confidant, also warned to hand over Syria to the Iranians””.

The announced US withdrawal could leave a vacuum of power, especially in the North of Syria. There, Kurdish militias are active, which have asked the government in Damascus for fear of a Turkish Offensive after the planned withdrawal of U.S. troops. The Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG) fighting IS, as yet, with the support of the US military.

in view of the withdrawal plans of the Washington-Russia and Turkey had agreed on Saturday to close coordination of their future operations in Syria. In the cooperation of Iran should be included.


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