Australia mourns the death of his most famous kangaroo. Roger, a more than two meters large and 90 kg heavy animal, was become for his Box-arts and huge muscle mountains also known internationally. He had a powerful neck, a broad chest and defined biceps.

The powerhouse was twelve years old. According to information from the kangaroo-Park of Alice Springs, where Roger had practically his whole life, he died of old age.

Roger had already come as a Baby in the animal Park of Alice Springs, the only major city in the country. Park owner Chris Barns had him collect on a Highway, after the mother of the kangaroos had been hit by a car.

over the years, he became a real beefcake, and with his mighty torso to the attraction of the city. On the social networks, he managed internationally to great prominence. On the Instagram page of the “kangaroo sanctuary” had Roger last just under 900,000 Followers on Facebook and more than half a Million.

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The last photo of Roger we took what is just a few days before he passed. He was relaxing before a big feed. �� Thank you everyone for your beautiful messages about Roger. Hey, what height are so well loved by you all free to play game.

A post shared by The Kangaroo Sanctuary (@thekangaroosanctuary) on Dec 9, 2018 12:42 PST

Barns wrote in his obituary: “He had a nice long life and was liked by millions of people all over the world. We will love you forever and miss you, Roger.” The Australian pop singer Natalie Imbruglia commented: “He always brought a Smile to my face. Such a proud, strong Boy.”

Roger put used to be a bit of posturing. “Kangaroo-men constantly have to fight, to win the favor of the female kangaroos,” said Barns and half years ago in an Interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE. “They struggle, they push, you can try simple to push. Roger currently has about ten women. That is, there are four or five kangaroo-men, with which he was jockeying for every day.”

With increasing age was Roger but quiet. Most recently, he suffered, according to the Arthritis and could no longer see so well. In the animal Park, Roger should find his last resting place.


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